Book Review: A Grim Affair by Rachel Stanley

Reviewed: August 5th, 2021
Released: April 20th, 2020
Genre: Dark Fantasy

Wait! What? The Grim Reaper’s real?

Emma lives a normal life, so normal that even her own mother has been known to accuse her of being boring.

That is until the Grim Reaper starts haunting her dreams, and then her normal life becomes anything but. Not only is she stalked by Blake, the wickedly handsome ‘Keeper of Souls’, whenever she sleeps, but a mysterious stranger follows her every move during the day.

Despite the danger, Emma finds herself inexplicably drawn to the scythe carrying reaper. Will loving him be the death of her? And just who is the stranger who lurks in the shadows?

Helen’s thoughts:

A well written, darker fantasy tale about the Keeper of Souls, not by the way the Grim Reaper! An incorporeal entity manifests at the whim of a young woman, which he would find annoying except this is the first time Blake has ever experienced sensation, and he likes it.

Emma thinks she’s going mad, as she dreams of a tall, dark handsome man. When she starts seeing him when she is awake as well, she thinks she is definitley cracking up.

A humourous take on death and the grim reaper, blended with a touch of mystery and romance. A quick and enjoyable read, with engaging characters. If I was going to nit pick, I did think it got a little repetitive at times, but Stanley injects enough humour to carry the story.

There are enough hints at a deeper mystery that remains unanswered and the ending leaves it open enough for a sequel, so I am glad to see there is a second book.

About the Author:

Rachel Stanley lives in the Northwest of England. She has always wanted to write stories but only found the time to put pen to paper after a dream about a Grim Reaper. True story!

She’s spent most of her adult life working as a project manager, despite her degree being in psychology. Her degree comes in handy though, helping her to understand people and their different motivations. Rachel loves people watching!

Rachel lives with her husband, David, and their two cats, Cooper and Watson, who feature in her “A Grim” series. She loves to travel and intends on seeing as much of the world as possible in her lifetime. Much of her writing is actually done when she is on one of her trips (at home or abroad). She can often be found at the side of a lake, or sat on a rock in the middle of nowhere, adding to her latest work of fiction.

Family is very important to Rachel. She firmly believes that without them she wouldn’t be where she is now.

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