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Introduction to the ancient world of Remargaren – see how Jerrol and Taelia first met.

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One – Sentinals Awaken

Sentinals Awaken, is set in the word of Remargaren, a world where magic was banished by the deity Leyandrii over three thousand years ago along with the malevolent Ascendants who were attacking her world. Jerrol Haven, a Captain of the King’s Rangers, discovers treason at the highest level and although the ailing King tries to help him, the Crown Prince sentences Jerrol to death. Jerrol must escape, discover why magic is returning to his world and unravel the mystery of the Ascendant attacks. After accidentally awakening a Lady’s Sentinal he needs to figure out how to awaken more Sentinals and rescue the King – but even then, his troubles are only just beginning.

Published: 11th October 2020

Desert Kingdom of Terolia

Two – Sentinals Rising

After foiling an attempted coup by the Ascendants, Jerrol turns his attention to the reports of discord in the neighbouring Kingdom of Terolia. Between learning more about his newly awoken Sentinals and protecting the King, Jerrol must now prevent the Ascendants from destabilising the nomadic families of the Terolian deserts.

Target Publishing date: Spring 2021

Michael Denning Unsplash

Three – Sentinals Justice

The confrontation between the Sentinals and the Ascendants has been brewing for some time – and implicates the Grand Duke of Elothia and his people. The third book in the Sentinal series pulls the opening chapter to a close.

Though don’t worry there are four more books coming, all set in the same world with the same characters – so watch this space!

Target publishing date: Winter 2021