Book Review: A Sea of Pearls and Leaves by Rosalyn Briar

A Sea of Pearls and Leaves

Reviewed: November 28th, 2020

Princess Ingrid of Norella Isle does not want to get married. Her priestess girlfriend, Lilura, devises a wicked plot to deter suitors with a nearly impossible marriage contract: should Ingrid die first, her husband must be buried at sea beside her. The plan backfires when all seven suitors agree, and the king announces a competition for Ingrid’s hand. Ingrid must keep her head above water as she deals with the suitors, a jealous girlfriend, and the news of two murdered priestesses.

This is a wonderful fairy tale retelling with a twist, as the Princess Ingrid and her girlfriend try and navigate the political and local waters to try and remain together as well as meet her kingdoms need that she marry and beget an heir.

Against a backdrop of treachery and treason, they plot to delay the inevitable and between them identify one of the suitors whom they may both accept. The seven suitors have to prove their worth, not knowing that there are two women testing them, and may be three in the marriage bed. There are unexplained murders and much older intrigues that muddy the waters as one suitor rises to the top.

This book is beautifully written and moves between the three main characters, giving us an insight into each of their thoughts as this ménage a trois develops. The relationship and struggles have you trying to figure out a way they can all be happy. Well worth the read, the characters are well developed, the writing smooth. A very enjoyable read.

I received a free ARC copy in return for an honest review.

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