Book Review: All Hallows Airship by Liz Delton

Reviewed: October 15th, 2022 (ARC)
Released: October 25th, 2022
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy (Novella)

A catastrophic blast. A haunting memory. And she only has one chance to prove her family’s innocence.

All Caz Coppersdown has ever wanted is to be a journalist for the Soldark Times. But the chances of her parents letting her pursue a breaking story are slim. Secluded after a childhood illness, Caz finally gets to leave Soldark for a trip to the country to her great aunt’s estate, but she quickly finds out there isn’t anything newsworthy there—unless you count her aunt’s upcoming All Hallows Eve soiree.

Until the local airshow clashes with her aunt’s party plans—causing more than just pumpkins to be destroyed. When Caz meets one of the airship pilots and discovers something about her family’s past, Caz might have just found her big story.

But she’ll need to dig for the facts quickly, because the constables are looking for a culprit, and old ghosts are making themselves known on this All Hallows Eve.

Helen’s thoughts: 4/5

I enjoyed this quick fantasy read, set in a steam powered world and the wonders of airships. Delton creates a rich and welcoming world; a perfect setting for Caz’s story.

I am almost tempted to call this a cozy fantasy as Caz’s visit to her wonderfully eccentric aunt, turns into Caz trying to discover who sabotaged an airship. I think this mystery could have been developed more, as much of the action happens off page and so feels a bit diluted and anti-climatic.

I loved Caz’s idea for rounding up her fellow party goers, and her blossing romance. But I still wanted more. I know this is a novella and so is short, but I think this could easily have been a full length novel, and actually seeing the explosion amd the All Hallow’s eve party come to life (after all the build up!) would have be fun.

All in all, a well written novella with well rounded characters, leaving you wanting more!

About the author:

Liz Delton writes and lives in New England, with her husband and amazing son. She studied Theater Management at the University of the Arts in Philly, always having enjoyed the backstage life of storytelling.

She reads and writes fantasy, especially the kind with alternate worlds. Liz is the author of the dystopian Arcera Trilogy, the fantasy Realm of Camellia series, and the steampunk novel THE ALCHEMYST’S MIRROR. World-building is her favorite part of writing, and she is always dreaming up new fantastic places.

She loves drinking tea and traveling. When she’s not writing you can find her hands full with one of her many craft projects.

Visit her website at

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