Book Review: Aloha, Seattle by Morgan Gauthier

Reviewed: February 4th, 2022
Released: November 1st 2021
Genre: Romantic comedy

There are three things you should know about Cate Ortega. One, she’s a jet-setting flight attendant who never takes vacations. Two, she’s competitive enough to lose friends over a game of Monopoly. And three, she’s recently been dumped by her pilot ex-boyfriend for the blonde, new hire.

So, when a man calls out her name in the coffee shop and she absent-mindedly responds, Cate quickly realizes her private and routine life is about to be turned upside down. Theo asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend before his brother walks in and against all logic and reason, she agrees.

But when meeting Theo’s brother turns into her attending his brother’s wedding weekend in Hawaii, Cate and Theo make a deal. She’ll pretend to be his girlfriend for the wedding and meet his entire family, if he goes to her company’s New Year’s Eve party as her date, showing her ex-boyfriend that she’s moved on.

Once the year ends, so will their relationship. But when they’re forced to spend more time together than originally agreed upon, Cate starts to wonder if she’ll be able to walk away, or if what started off as fake could be turning into something real.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

I needed a nice soft romance to clean my book hangover after my previous read and this was just perfect!

Cate and Theo are are such engaging characters and from the first moment you meet them, through all the trials and tribulations, and Cate’s inner turmoil and hilarious thoughts, you know they are perfect for each other.

Oh, to meet such an amazing man!

Gauthier writes a mean romance, keeping you fully engaged and often giggling as she navigates the hoops Cate has to jump through to meet her end of the bargain. A bargain she’s not sure she ever wants to end, and I can’t say I blame her! Theo seems pretty wonderful.

As always, we seem to get in our own way when things come down to the crunch and it makes you love Cate all the more as she struggles to over come her history.

Brilliant romantic comedy you won’t want to put down.

About the author:

Interested in finding out more? I had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan Gauthier earlier this year, and you can find the interview here.

Storytelling is in Morgan Gauthier’s blood; She can’t seem to turn her brain off at night and some of her best ideas have come to her in the shower.

Born to two book-loving parents, Morgan was raised on a healthy diet of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, and any fantasy book she could get her hands on. She started writing her own stories at eleven years old and hasn’t looked back.

Wolves of Adalore was her first self-published YA Fantasy title and since then, she has published a Contemporary Romance (Aloha, Seattle) with the second YA Fantasy installment in the Mark of the Hunter Trilogy (The Red Maiden) coming in April of 2022.

Morgan Gauthier lives in East Tennessee with her husband and best friend, Brad, with their three children, Remi, Archer, and Roux (who are 4 years old and younger!). If five people wreaking havoc in the same house wasn’t enough, Morgan also has three dogs, Potter, Skye, and Bubba, and one grumpy bird named Titus.

If Morgan isn’t writing or reading, she can be found binge watching Netflix shows, attempting to cook like Gordon Ramsay (not even close to his level), and practicing archery.

Available for purchase via Amazon: Aloha, Seattle

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