Book Review: Blood of an Exile – Brian Naslund

Blood of an Exile

Reviewed: November 15th, 2020

Sentenced to die. Impossible to kill.

Bershad was supposed to die. When he was caught attempting to assassinate a fellow noble, he was given the harshest sentence: a command to slay dragons, so his death might serve the kingdom. Yet for some reason he never lost a fight and is now the most successful dragon-slayer in history. However, as a doomed man Bershad is still shunned by his peers and his countrymen. But that could all change.

Oh my! This is a fantastic debut novel. I can’t recommend it enough. The world building, the characters, the story, all are so well written and complex. This truly is an epic fantasy.

Bershad is a battered and bitter soldier sentenced to kill the dragons as punishment for following his king’s orders.  Now his king has another command, only Bershad is not too inclined to obey him, and would rather end his life by taking the king’s.

Only the king’s daughter, his old love can sway his decision and set his feet on another path.

I love how Naslund blends throughout this wonderful book an ecological message of how everyone and everything in a world is interdependent, and change one thing, causes imbalances elsewhere. We must work together to be successful, a message often lost in our turbulent times.

And, of course, there are dragons, lots of lovely dragons, each with its own purpose and meaning, woven throughout the book.

If you love fantasy, good writing and fabulous characters then you’ll love this book.

Brian is an American fantasy author based in Boulder, CO. Blood of an Exile is his debut novel, and the first in The Dragons of Terra series. He grew up in Maryland and studied English at Skidmore College in New York. Brian is now a product director for a tech company, and first started writing about dragons to escape the crushing boredom of his incredibly long bus commute. When he’s not writing, he’s usually griping about video games on Twitter, hiking with his dog, Lola, or whitewater kayaking in the mountains. The last activity makes his mother very nervous. You can connect with him at

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