Book Review: Blooded by Nat Kennedy

Reviewed: September 26th, 2021
Released: September 25th, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

A broken mage. A penitent vampire. Can they put aside the horrors of the past to save each other?

Plagued with erratic, volatile magic, Nicodemus Green focuses his entire life to stop an evil sorcerer who brainwashes or kills anyone in his path to domination. Ten years into this crusade, Nick stumbles upon his former Academy instructor in the Austrian Alps. The strict and pious Byron Domitius has cloistered himself in an isolated manor. Alone and starving, he hates the twisted, damned creature he has become.

A prophecy calls for Nick and Byron to bond by blood to finally bring an end to the sorcerer’s hidden agenda. The two are forced to see beyond their shared past, and Nick finds himself desiring more from his old instructor than just his magic. But are these emotions real, or do they come from the heat of their bond?

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

I devoured this book in a couple of days. This was a great novel and very well written.

The story begins with four sorcerery students about to graduate and sets the scene of antagonistic students against beleaguered professors. Four of these students are great friends and it is these four we follow after their graduation party is disrupted by a dark wizard, determined to do whatever it takes to rise as a Pure.

Nicodemus Green, casts a desperate spell, that doesn’t work quite as it should, and he struggles to control his errratic magic which plague him from then on.

Byron Domitrius is one of their strictest professors. During the battle he is turned into a vampire, cut off from his celestial powers and left struggling to cope with both life changing events.

This is a great story, with well developed characters, and I must admit you just want the author to hurry up and get them together, because you know that there are going to be fireworks.

It takes ten years for Byron and Nick to meet again, by then Byron just wants to die and Nick has grown into one of quartet of powerful sorcerors searching for more knowledge. Nick and Byron are wonderful together, both broken, both with issues, but meant for each other. Wrap around a magical adventure with plenty of threat and action and you’ll find yourself hooked.

Just a note, that even though this begins with YA characters, this is an adult book, with explicit gay relationships.

About the author:

Nat Kennedy writes fantasy fiction of all kinds. She strives to create engaging, plotty romantic stories. In her worlds, Heroes abound. She lives in the Pacific Northwest where the rain keeps the world green. Find her online at or on IG natkennedybooks.

You can find more about Nat via:

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