Book Review: Bound by Julie Embleton

Reviewed: January 16th, 2023
Released: August 1st, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Shifter Fantasy
Format: KU

Would you sacrifice love to stay alive?

Nyah’s wolf has been bound by dark magic. Defenceless and terrified she finds sanctuary on the run, but choosing to live demands an impossible price.

The new alpha of Nyah Morgan’s pack has aligned with dark forces, and his plans for Nyah break the most absolute of Lycan Laws. With her entire pack under his thrall, and her own wolf maimed by his magic, she turns rogue, her incapacity landing her in unfamiliar territory where she catches the unwanted attention of Dean Carson, an alpha determined to learn the truth she hides.

As her crazed alpha closes in, Nyah is forced into making a choice. Her bound wolf is killing her, both alphas can save her, but which one, and at what cost?

Bound launches the suspenseful Turning Moon series, a contemporary world where wolves, vampires, and witches defy prejudices, join forces, and fall in love. The heroines are feisty, the heroes gutsy, and the villains heinous.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

An excellent fantasy wolf shifter adventure with black magic and demons thrown in for good measure.

Embleton has created a range of wonderful characters whom drive the plot forward as they desperately search for a way to survive and save their pack.

I loved Nyah. Feisty, determined, lovable and prepared to sacrifice her life for those she loves, and up against a dark horror no one can defeat. Embleton keeps the tension high as we follow Nyah fleeing for her life and trying not to draw trouble down on other innocents. I love that Embleton didn’t take the easy option at the beginning and draws us into the new alphas nefarious plans.

Stumbling though the world with her wolf instincts bound by dark magic, Nyah accidentally ventures into another packs territory. Dean, the packs alpha is another wonderful character we all happily fall in love with. The banter between the two, and Nyah’s reactions are brilliantly portrayed and very well written.

You are drawn into the troubles of all the pack members, and even the minor characters are well fleshed out, and sympathetic so you are rooting for them as well.

A fast paced, easy to read, thrilling adventure which will keep you hooked thoughout. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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