Book Review: Camelot Crumbles by Helen Savore

Reviewed: July 17th, 2021
Released: September 16th, 2020
Genre: Arthurian Fantasy

Moralynn’s life was all planned out

… But not her death.

Moralynn was conceived for one purpose: to become a powerful enough druid to succeed Merlin.

When the Fae brag of destroying Camelot,  Moralynn escapes home to find it alive, but transformed.

  • Why is Lancelot King?
  • How did Arthur become a druid?
  • Since when is she betrothed to Galahad?

Druids are dying, but before she can solve the mystery she awakens days earlier, in someone else’s body. As Moralynn investigates how to save this Camelot she must resist temptation to surrender to each person she inhabits.

How many times can she witness Camelot Crumble before madness takes her?

You’ll love this Groundhog Day meets King Arthur story because everyone loves solving the mystery alongside the characters.

Helen’s thoughts: 4/5

If you like the legend of Arthur and his knights then this is a spin on that story, where an alternate reality finds Lancelot king and Arthur a knight, in a world of fae and druids who walk among the mortal. Moralynn is the spark, destined to become the phoenix after Merlin dies, and only she can save Camelot from a heinous plot. But before she can, she is attacked whilst in the presence of Titiana, the goddess of fate.

What follows is like groundhog day, as she returns over and over in other people’s bodies, trying to ascertain what has happened and how to save her king and Camelot.

A well written story, with a great twist on Arthurian legend. I would have given it five stars but I got to the end and went – what? I even went back a few pages and reread them thinking I had missed something, but I hadn’t. I enjoyed all except the ending, there was no closure, nothing resolved. It was left completely open, for the next book in the series I assume, but I found it dissatisfying. Almost to the point of why read the book?

I received a free ARC copy from Hidden Gems,.


About the Author:

Helen Savore writes fantastical worlds filled with a mixture of modern and medieval settings. She explores stories loosely based on Arthurian legends, secretly wishing that King Arthur would return to pull the world from the brink of darkness. An engineer by day, and a gamer when time allows, this paper ninja writes, reads, plays with pen-and-paper RPGs and folds origami. It’s not surprising that her stories are filled with unexpected folds and twists that blend seamlessly with reality.

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