Book Review: Daughter of the Deep by Lina C. Amarego

Reviewed: January 3rd, 2023
Released: August 15th, 2020
Genre: Fantasy
Format: KU

A wedding to end a war. It’s been four years since the blood feud between the Branwens and Mathonwys started. Four years of sunken ships and loved ones lost, four years of wounds both seen and unseen. Keira Branwen is no stranger to duty. As the first mate of a legendary pirate ship, blessed by the sea-god Lyr, and heir apparent to her clan, she would sail to the Otherworld and back to keep her family safe. But when the Council threatens banishment for her people, Keira is faced with a choice; she must either marry her father’s alleged killer, the sea-snake Ronan Mathonwy, or curse her family to the deep. But in the Seven Isles of the Deyrnas, secrets sleep just beneath the surface of the water. Her father’s death is still shrouded in mystery, and Ronan—her childhood friend, the man she once loved — is hell-bent on proving his innocence. As enemies become friends and friends become suspects, Keira must wade through the waters of doubt to expose the truth, save her family, and restore her father’s legacy. But Keira soon learns that there are ties thicker than blood, and there is more than one way to sacrifice a life.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

A very enjoyable start to a magical pirate saga. Two families have been feuding for the last four years since murder cast a shadow over all their dealings. The council has had enough and orders a Branwen and a Mathonwy to marry and bury the hatchett.

But not is all as it seems as Kiera Branwen ties the knot with the man who murdered her father, the man she used to love before their lives went to hell and all out war broke out.

This is a story of forgiveness and regret. As the two discover what actually happened and how they have all been manipulated, Kiera and Ronan try to put old grievances behind them. But they are both headstrong and determined, and Kiera is very good at self-sabotage so things go from bad to worse instead improving.

An excellent start to a family saga shrouded in secrets and myths and secret powers. Unravelling them will take some time, but Kiera and Ronan are determined those responsible will be brought to justice. Their justice.

Great characters, great chemistry between Kiera and Ronan and some wonderful scenes on the sea.

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