Book Review: Deja You by Barbara Kellyn

Reviewed: May 22nd, 2021
Release Date: January 10th, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Seven years ago, college student Hill Taylor attended a journalism conference and ended up having an intensely hot hookup in a coatroom with a too-sexy stranger. 

Hill is now a successful publicist for rock’s notorious bad boy Tommy Kaine, who’s about to dish the outrageous dirt in a tell-all written by tabloid reporter James Spencer Sutton (aka The Hollywood Hatchet) – Hill’s coatroom hit and run. Problem is, Tommy’s got a secret that Hill has been sworn to protect and more importantly, keep the still-too-sexy Sutton from uncovering.  

Picking up where they left off seven years earlier, Hill and Sutton get swept up in a lusty fling. But with stakes much higher this time, not to mention a misguided proposal, a disgruntled movie star on the war path and a very pregnant sister with no filter, will it finally be love or loose lips that sink this situationship?

Helen’s thoughts:

This was a quick, enjoyable read, pressing all the right buttons for a steamy romance with enough entertaining mishaps to keep your reading. Brilliant characters with a lustful chemistry that sparks off the page. Hill and Sutton not only hit it off straight away they hook you as a reader and keep you entertained. 

Witty dialogue and an amazing supporting cast who also pop of the page add such colour and interest, and problems of course. I love Hill’s sister Kat who turned up out of the blue, heavily pregnant, and with lots to say about Hill’s love life.

A plethora of characters for you to invest in and keep you reading because you want to find out the HEA. If you like a well written romance, intelligent characters with brilliant chemistry, a steamy romance that is so well written it doesn’t come across as erotic or over the top, then this is the book for you.

About the Author:

Barbara Kellyn writes the kind of stories that she loves to read: contemporary romantic comedies fraught with amusing complications and taut sexual tension between a likeable heroine worth rooting for and an alluring hero worth the trouble of falling for. 

The author of Morning ManDéjà You and The Company She Keeps, Barbara has been a storyteller all her life. This accomplished writer also admits to being a pop culture junkie, with a weakness for reality TV, timeless chick flicks, and any smartly-written show, book, movie or Tweet that makes her laugh out loud. 

Barbara thanks her lucky stars that she is living out the kind of blissful existence that her characters can only dream about reaching before the last page. 

You can find her on her author website, or Instagram.

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