Book Review: Dragon’s Grace – Sloane McClain

Dragon’s Grace

Reviewed: December 18th, 2020

Love Arthurian legend, but with a fantastical twist? Then you’ll love Dragon’s Grace.

Sons of Pendragon – Seven brothers with secrets, taken from their own time and raised in the present to continue their father’s work. All they require are the weapons their father gave them as children.

Keepers – Seven women with a secret mission. Each the eldest female in a line of women charged with guarding special weapons through the centuries until their owners appear. 

Dragon’s Grace is book one of the Pendragon series, of which there are currently two more books available at the time of writing, and they are all just as good.

Brennan is one of the sons of King Arthur, brought into the future until such time as the legendary swords from his childhood begin to surface. In the meantime, he works for a security agency, but there are signs that his sword is resurfacing and his ahs to retrieve the sword from the sword maiden, before his enemies do.

The only problem is he is rendered blind from a mission gone wrong and he is sunk in a pit of self-recrimination after his good friend dies in the same mission. He is left grieving, the guardian of a baby girl he can’t look at, and time is running out.

In desperation his step dad arranges a marriage of convenience to Grace, a young woman who works for the firm and has been in love with Brenn from a distance for years, and doesn’t hesitate to grasp the chance.

Sloane writes a beautiful romance, with plenty of action and the unexpected twist to trip you up. Totally entertaining, love the relationship between the brothers and wouldn’t we all like to have our own knight in shining armour?

Great read, lots of action, where the present meets the past and a world of fantasy hovers just out of reach.

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