Book Review: DragonStorm by Sloane McClain

Reviewed: April 14th, 2022
Released: March 31st, 2022
Genre: Paranomal Romance Fantasy

Sons of Pendragon – Seven brothers with secrets, taken from their own time and raised in the present to continue their father’s work. All they require are the weapons their father gave them as children.

Keepers – Seven women with a secret mission. Each the eldest female in a line of women charged with guarding special weapons through the centuries until their owners appear. 

Taylor Lyon knows how to take care of herself. Her family made sure. But when she pulls an injured man from the night surf, she finds herself defenseless against his charms. Plus, the energy she picks up from him matches that of the sword her aunt hid while dying of cancer. A sword the women in her family have protected for centuries. Taylor has no intention of giving it to the wrong person. Is it possible this waterlogged stray is the rightful owner?

            Iain Pendragon can’t believe fate dropped him in the hands of a Sword Maiden who should know the whereabouts of one of the four remaining missing swords. Swords his family require to imprison an ancient evil for eternity. Claiming the sword means claiming his destiny and it leaves no room for love.

            But Taylor can only tell if the sword she guards is Iain’s by touching it once more. That means recovering it from its hiding place. If Taylor can even find it. Taylor worries that spending more time with Iain will make her fall more in love with him. Iain is c

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

This arthurian fantasy romance series is one of my favourite series. The combination of swoonworthy alpha males and feisty, independent women is a joy to read.

Dragon Storm is the turn of the fourth Pendragon son, Iain. He is washed up on a beach, bedraggled, injured and rescued by Taylor, who is recuperating from her own recent trauma.

Inexplicably drawn to each other, Taylor realises that her attraction to Iain is in part due to the energy she can feel off him which is the same as the sword she guards. Realising she guards the sword that belongs to Iain they set off an adventure to find it.

It was lovely to briefly visit some of the other characters we’ve already met in the previous three books, and from the cross over Hunter series as well as to meet some new ones.

A book full of characters to fall in love with, a love that is fated to be and plenty of adventure. What more can you ask for? Roll on the next book, only three brothers left to meet, and I can’t wait!

About the author:

Big surprise, but I’m a romantic. I love stories about knights and Highlanders. I love strong Alpha males and I want them to have equally strong women for their partners.

The mystery surrounding King Arthur has always been a favorite subject and it led me to wonder what would have happened if there was more to the story. What if the sword, and other swords, were more important? What if he had sons who survived? These questions and more led to the birth of my Sons of Pendragon series.

I’ve also been fascinated by tales of the Fae from Ireland and Scotland. How would they interact with humans? What if they were forced into an alternate dimension and some of them were angry about it? The old, familiar, but still relevant trope of Good vs. Evil. This led to the birth of my companion series, The Sidhe Hunters.

On a more personal note, I love animals. I currently have two very spoiled rescue dogs. I also love photography. You’ll often see my photographs on my social media pages. I love history, archaeology, genealogy, and a lot of other -gys.

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