Book Review: Dreams of Darkness and Desire by B.L Cagle

Reviewed: October 26th, 2021
Released: October 26th, 2021
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

On the surface, everything about Kira Lockwood is a picture of perfection — an amazing best friend, a loving boyfriend, and a promising future in ballet. But beneath it all, she’s plagued with unusual dreams and nightmares. And to make things more complicated, the man who haunts those very dreams has just moved in down the street. Their attraction is undeniable, but she struggles to understand why he torments her at night while she sleeps.

Blake Michaelson is a handsome and powerful centuries-old warlock. He and his three brothers have been searching for one thing – Kira Lockwood. Though she doesn’t know it, she is a descendent of the first Supra Virtutem, a witch with the ability to harness the ultimate power. He and his brothers have spent a lifetime, hunting others like them, and claiming their magic as their own. To ensure their immortality, Blake must complete the Order of Three: claim her body, take her blood, and end her life.

Kira can’t ascend and harness her power until her 21st birthday but her magic lives within her and her light recognizes the darkness. Will Blake complete his mission or will the power within her be enough to save her?

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

For a debut novel, B.L Cagle took on a challenging premise. She has written a complex plot with an element of the supernatural, an element you are not sure is real or not, a dream or reality? And at times this does get a little confusing as to what is really happening and what is not.

Blake and Larz are wonderful characters who leap of the page, bad ass-warlocks, ideal anti-heores, who you know you are just going to love, so let’s hope there is some redeeming feature down the line. They bounce of each other, a great relationship even if they are up to no good.

Kira and Kat are well rounded individuals, and as Kira struggles with what is real, her visceral reactions to what is not, set the scene for a convoluted story. It seems she doesn’t know she is a witch, the most powerful witch ever, which is what is drawing these other powerful beings to her. The question is will she learn about her power before it is too late?

This is a very clever and enthralling story with rich characters who just pull you in. Every time you think you grasped the thread it twists off again and you doubt what’s happening along with Kira. Great read, you won’t regret picking up this book.

About the author:

B.L. Cagle is from Lewisburg, Tennessee, and lives with her husband, teenage daughter, and their fur baby, and is a proud Army mom. She is a huge Tennessee Volunteers fan and loves all animals. When she’s not writing or reading, you can find her on the trails riding her RZR with her family, or at car shows. 

The love of writing began in the 4th grade after winning a short story contest and has continued writing short stories and poems for her family and friends. 

She began writing the recurring dreams down she was having, and then turned them into a chilling tale leading into the paranormal world and how dreams can overtake the mind.

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Book One: Dreams of Darkness and Desire

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