Book Review: Firebrand by Brandi Gann

Reviewed: July 20th, 2021
Released: February 16th, 2021
Genre: YA Fantasy

Nineteen-year-old Aleria Edlind has always known that her fire would make her a valiant Lady Fayharrow, but when all that she loves burns to the ground, that spark inside must carry her through its ashes.

Firebrand is a YA fantasy romance that whisks readers off into a world of adventure, whimsy, and burning tension as Aleria collides with a group of fae warriors desperately searching for the cure to an ancient curse. When our spitfire heroine seems to be the key to unlocking those answers, she finds herself in a new land with new politics and a new man pretending not to steal glances in her direction.

Strap in for a magical tale with a little heat and a whole lot of heart as Brandi Gann weaves words as beautifully brassy and brazen as her protagonist. An entertaining, unassuming read to cozy up with at a time when we all need a little escape.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

A beautifully written fae adventure with a feisty heroine who faces life head on and lives to the full. She may be a spitfire but she loves as deeply as she lives, and betrayal cuts deep.

Aleria runs from one traumatic event smack into another and discovers her world is not as safe as she had once thought. Gann has devloped a magical world with some lovely characters. All battling their own demons and with their own agenda. The question is can they get those agendas to align and help each other.

Gann has a beautiful turn of phrase, and you just smile as the prose rolls of the page and you find you have completed another chapter.

I was on tenterhooks as I read, knowing that the growing feelings between Aleria and Larkin were precarious to say the least, especially with the brooding MyKhal waiting in the wings. Highly recommend you pick this book up, your sympathies will be drawn from one character to another as Gann develops characters worth fighting for.


About the Author:

Brandi Gann has always been a fairytale girl in a small town in Georgia world. Her weirdness and search for where she belonged have led her to a collection of degrees. Fasion Design, Cosmetology, General Studies with Specialization in Creative Writing. All of which have aided her in not only her day job as a quirky Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher but on the journey of self-publication. She has always loved teling a good tale, much like a magical creature would spin over the dying embers of a fire. That is why she has dawned the title of Brandi Gann-Teller of Tales. Magic is her goal. To tell a tale that makes you feel, makes you think, and makes you dream big dreams. Her purpose in writing is to share a little bit of magic with those who are willing to see it.

For more information about Brandi:

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