Book Review: Graphite and Turbulence by Jami Fairleigh

Reviewed: April 5th, 2022
Released: March 1st, 2022
Genre: Urban Fantasy

He will need courage, resilience, and a bit of magic… to survive fatherhood.

Artist Matthew Sugiyama finally has a location to start his search for his birth family, but no one prepared him for the turbulence of a scowling, unhappy child. Not only is the depot is far away, his fledgling parenting skills are not cutting it… and everyone has plenty of advice to offer on fatherhood.

But before Matthew can find his bearings, Akiko disappears. In a blink, Matthew’s priorities change. Time is running out and when old friends and enemies arrive in the depot, the situation leaves Matthew scrambling. He needs a plan—and he needs help—but who can he trust?

A profoundly moving father daughter story of the search for love and connection, Graphite and Turbulence celebrates the magic that transforms friendly strangers into family.

Graphite and Turbulence is the sequel to Oil and Dust. Author Jami Farleigh invites you to rejoin many of your favorite characters as they continue to travel through a post apocalyptic landscape in a tale that blends fantasy, laughter, coming of age, and parenting into another perfect escape.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

Graphite and Turbulence is a worthy sequel to Oil and Dust, which I loved. The art magic was an original magic system, or at least this was the first time I had come across it, and this book takes us to a new level as Akiko’s talents unfold. Unfortunately that means she also becomes more of a target.

The relationship between Akiko and Mathew is lovely, and as Mathew stumbles into parenting, he tries to learn from his mistakes, as well as choose which parenting advice he is going to use. The first time Akiko uses his surname as her family name is a poignant moment.

I love how the use of paint and colours enrich this story, especially as Akiko revels in it and brings new life to everything she touches. And that cover! So clever how it has evolved to include Akiko!!

This is an engaging story with a lot characters, though with all the compounds and depots it is easy to confuse who they are, to remember where they came fromand who is on the side of the angels and who is not.

The title of the book suggest that all does not go well in this installment and their journey is full of up and downs (literally!!), and new challenges, but it doesn’t end here. Thankfully there is more to come!

About the author:

Jami Fairleigh is a biracial, Japanese-American writer, urban planner, and hobby collector from Washington. She shares her life with a husband, a trio of well-mannered horses, a pair of dubiously behaved parrots, and one neurotic dog.

Her writing has been published by Terror House Magazine, Horror Tree, Defenestration, and Amsterdam Quarterly. She is currently working on the third novel in the Elemental Artist fantasy series.

You can find her and more information about her writing at

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