Book Review: Hawk: Hellfire by Mike Waller

Reviewed: April 2nd, 2021
Release Date: July 13th, 2020
Genre: SciFi

Sometimes, it is necessary to die.

Lazarus Hawk, ex-soldier and ex-mercenary, convicted of a crime of terror he did not commit, and sentenced to life on an airless prison moon from which there is no escape, has been offered a way out. It’s a chance. A good chance. To accept the offer, all he has to do is die.

Forced to undertake a mission against his better judgment, Hawk finds himself teaming up with the locals of a small, backward world, and Abbie Renner, a young Guarda officer searching for the source of the drug Hellfire, and prepared to go to any lengths. This time she has gone too far. This time she needs help.

Can Hawk overcome the mistrust and reticence of a small colony world to accomplish the mission he has been forced to undertake in return for his life?

A very well written Sci Fi novel that was an easy, enjoyable read.

Abbie’s brother died from a drug overdose and she joins the Guarda determined to find and punish those responsible. Kyrstian Hauken (call sign Hawk) is fed up of killing, having spent most of his life in the military, and then as a Security consultant (think mercenary). He is an expert at black ops, but now all he wants to do is fly his ship and save enough money to support his family. Of course that is never going to happen! Krystian is falsely convicted of a terrorist attack and imprisoned with no hope of parole. His only escape from prison will be to die. 

This novel is a well written adventure, and definitely worth reading. Waller brings the plot threads together seamlessly as he evolves the story. There is enough world building to see the scene, and differentiate between the worlds and there is enough techno speak to explain the technology and how it works but it is not techno heavy. My only gripe, if any, is that the novel wasn’t gripping, there could have been more tension/suspense to keep you hooked. 

But nonetheless a very enjoyable read. A great story with well developed characters who you want to invest in. I would read more of Hawk’s adventures for sure. I hope Waller ups the stakes and the suspense when he writes more about Hawk!

I was fortunate to receive a Hidden Gems ARC copy and this is my honest review.

About the Author:

Mike Waller is a multi award-winning author and independent publisher who has written in some form or other for many years in relation to other occupations, and now in the writing of fiction. His books FALCON’S CALL and HAWK: HELLFIRE are B.R.A.G. Medallion Honorees in the genre of Science Fiction for 2019 and 2020, and have won several other awards besides.

Mike is a great believer in the idea that humankind will one day outgrow it’s troubled childhood and reach for the stars. His great passion is to explore that possible future, not just from the scientific viewpoint, but from the lives of everyday normal people.

His stories generally feature strong, independent and powerful heroines and heroes, and have strong plot driven storylines with well developed main characters. His inclination is to write science fiction action/adventure stories in the Space Opera and Military Sci-Fi sub genres.

He currently lives in Queensland, Australia (beautiful one day, perfect the next), surrounded by blue sky, warm breezes and green trees (but no aliens, so far).


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