Book Review: Hope The Little Fox by E. Ozols.

Hope is a wild and carefree child growing up in a remote cottage near the coast. Hope’s high-born mother worries her unruly daughter will never become a proper lady living out in the wilderness, while her father, a grizzled military leader, does not share this concern. Instead, he encourages his crafty daughter to run free and explore, giving her the nickname “Little Fox.”

When tragedy strikes their peaceful household, Hope must learn to fend for herself — even if it means taking up the blade. But girls can’t fight…Or can they? Follow the Little Fox as she develops her combat skills secretly, with the help of some unlikely friends. When she realizes her abilities may reach beyond protecting her family, will Hope keep her talents hidden? Or will she understand the importance of her powers in a changing world, and unleash them for the greater good?

Helen’s thoughts:

What a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed how Hope developed and how she coped with and faced the challenges of her world, purely because she was girl. If she had been a boy, the world would have been her oyster. Instead, she had to hide her greatest skills, and learn how to disseminate and pretend to be something she didn’t want to be.

Well written story, with some unexpected twists and turns that have you wondering who she should trust, even her own brother comes under question. Some great characters, some of which are not who they seem and keep you guessing, and you end up reading ‘just another chapter’. You will be drawn into this richly imagined medieval world, and not be able to put the book down.

Ozols covers a range of topics in this book; from handling prejudice, to realising people have many layers and may not be what they seem, to a coming of age story. All handled well, and adding another nuance to the tale and leaving you wanting more.

There is so much more to this story, and I want to know what happens next. I sincerely hope there is a book two; I can’t wait to revisit these wonderful characters.

 Recommended read. I received this ARC via Hidden Gems, and am leaving an honest review.


About the Author:

E. Ozols lives in Alexandria, Virginia, where she spends her time on walks with her dog. Hope the Little Fox is her second published novel. Her debut novel was Holly, the Captain, and Handsome Jack.

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