Book Review: Immortal by Lauretta Hignett

Book one in the Imogen Gray series

Reviewed: April 10th, 2022
Released: March 31st, 2022
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Immortality sucks.

Just ask Imogen Gray – over two-hundred thousand years old and teetering on the edge of total insanity.

All throughout history, she’s been hunted by an ancient creature who finds her and rips her to pieces every time she dares to access her deepest powers. But Imogen always regenerates. Slowly. Painfully.

She’s on a mission to find answers. She’s almost found them.

Unfortunately for her, there’s a delinquent psychic kid, a dangerously hot Vampire King, and a power-crazed blood witch hell-bent on bringing about the apocalypse standing in her way.

Helen’s thoughts: 4/5

Lauretta Hignett has created a worthy heroine in Imogen Gray. A sassy, smart talking young woman/ancient being who can’t be killed. No matter what attacks her, she will – eventually and painfully- regenerate.

I must admit I wasn’t a fan of losing body parts and disintegrating bodies, but thankfully Imogen can regenerate herself.

I found this book to be a slow starter, not sure why, maybe because of the time spent explaining the world, the creatures, and the monsters. I enjoyed the dialogue, which was quite humourous at times, and loved Imogen, Leroy, and Raphael. Wish there had been more of Raphael as he leapt from the page and was not what I expected.

Once the story picked up, it was unputdownable, and you had to keep reading to find out what happenes next. I am intrigued as to who Leroy really is, and I so hope Imogen and Raphael get it together! Have to wait for the next book to find out.

I received an ARC from Hidden Gems and am voluntarily leaving a review.

About the author:

A raving fangirl for all things paranormal, supernatural, supernormal and fantastical, Lauretta writes fun Urban Fantasy, PNR and Superhero adventures with a dash of sweet romance and humour. She’s a massive fan of Young and New Adult fiction, loves a plot twist, hates cliffhangers, and always keeps her readers on their toes.

When she’s not writing, Lauretta enjoys fad diets, sunshine, her two little children, weird craft projects and massive amounts of dark chocolate.

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