Book Review: In Solitude’s Way by David Green

Reviewed: September 5th, 2022
Released: June 1st, 2021
Genre: Dark Fantasy

The tides of fate are shifting.

The Banished have returned, and they have set their eyes on the walls of Solitude.

Zanna Alpenwood, a powerful mage, and two hundred aged and forgotten Sparkers are all that stand between the Banished and the nation of Haltveldt. With time running out and the world at stake, Zanna is forced to reach out to her estranged daughter, Calene, and set her on an impossible quest.

Calene quickly learns that enemies make unlikely allies as she teams up with both friend and foe on her journey to save her mother and Haltveldt. Forging their way over land and sea, uncovering dark plots and secret societies, Calene is forced to decide between her masters and her own conscience.

Will they arrive in time to save the fortress of Solitude from destruction? Only one thing is certain; Ruin is assured if Solitude falls.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

A gripping epic fantasy set within a rich and diverse world with flawed characters you will come to care for. Exciting action pulls you in, caused by the greed and blind power of grabbing monarchs, and will keep you reading as the threads of the story draw together.

Green creates a wonderful world riven by politics and misunderstanding. Solitude, a fortress to the north, is the last bastion between the hoards of the banished and innocent people of Hardveldt.

Zanna is determined to protect her protege Arlo at all costs, though not to the extent which banished her in the first place, there must be another way, if only she can find it. Her daughter Calene, a powerful sparker in her own right, discovers a hint of the treachery and is desperate to rush to her mother’s aid. It is this strained mother-daughter relationship which is at the core of the story, echoed by the abandonment of Arlo by his father.

A fast, easy to read epic fantasy you won’t want to put down.

About the author:

David Green is a neurodiverse internationally best-selling writer of the epic and the urban, the fantastical and the mysterious.

With his character-driven dark fantasy series Empire Of Ruin, or urban fantasy noir Hell In Haven starring Haven’s only supernatural PI Nick Holleran, David takes readers on emotional, character-driven, action-packed thrill rides that leaves a reader needing their next fix.

Hailing from the north-west of England, David now lives in County Galway on the west coast of Ireland with his wife and train-obsessed son.

When not writing, David can be found wondering why he chooses to live in, and write about, places where it constantly rains.

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