Book Review: Inked by Rachel Rener

Reviewed: June 10th, 2022
Released: March 15th, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

When Zayn, your smoking hot boss, tells you never to touch the cache of deluxe tattoo ink locked away in his office, you listen to him… until the day you run out of your own ink, your squirming client is on the verge of peeing his pants, and your boss is nowhere to be found. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

I fully expected Zayn to yell at me when he returned to the shop. What I didn’t expect was the fresh cobra tattoo on my client’s butt magically springing to life. Or the interdimensional filing cabinet hiding in the back of Zayn’s office. And, oh, did I mention that my gorgeous, magic-ink-hoarding boss is actually an incubus?

Now – through (mostly) no fault of my own – we have to venture into a strange and distant land where a never-ending list of lethal flora, fauna, and fae await us. When you add in my Jewish mother’s string of poorly-timed, hysterical phone calls, there is one thing I’m grateful for: there’s no cell service in the fae realm.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

This book is a wonder of vibrant imagination, colourful inks and crazy characters! For someone who hates needles, working in a tattoo parlour might be one of the worst decisions Talia ever made. Throw in her to die for boss and maybe it was an ok decision.

Talia and Zayn are both smoking hot, if struggling with their own problems. When the tattoo parlour explodes into life, and Talia is drawn through a magical portal into a vibrant and magical world, the fun is just beginning. Everything is so colourful and exuberant, especially Biscuit who steals the show.

The whole magic system is very clever, if complicated. I must admit I did tend to forget who could do what and when, but it didn’t affect the enjoyment of the story.

A very clever, fantastical story, full of laugh out loud moments and a few sexy scenes. Well worth the read.

About the author:

Rachel Rener is a contemporary fantasy author who loves blurring the line between science and magic in all of her work.

She graduated from the University of Colorado after focusing on Psychology and Neuroscience. Since then, she has lived on three continents and has traveled to more than 40 countries.

When she’s not engrossed in writing, Rachel enjoys art of all kinds, riding her motorcycle, reading fantasy books, going to rock shows (both musical and mineralogical), Vulcanology (the lava kind as well as the pointy-eared variety), and playing video games. She lives in Colorado along with her husband, a stellar mineral collection, and a sassy umbrella cockatoo that hangs out on her shoulder as she writes – whether invited or not.

Find out more about Rachel and her books at

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