Book Review: Kidnapped by a Pirate by Keira Andrews

Reviewed: January 21st, 2023
Released: October 26th, 2017
Genre: MM Romance

Will an innocent captive surrender to this pirate’s sinful touch?

Nathaniel Bainbridge is used to hiding, whether it’s concealing his struggles with reading or his forbidden desire for men. Under the thumb of his controlling father, he’s sailing to the fledgling colony of Primrose Isle, where he’ll surrender to a respectable marriage for his family’s financial gain.

Until pirates strike and he’s kidnapped for ransom by the Sea Hawk, a legendary villain of the New World.

Bitter and jaded, Hawk harbors futile dreams of leaving the sea for a quiet life. But men like him don’t deserve peace. He has a score to settle with his captive’s father—the very man whose treachery forced him into piracy—and he’s sure Nathaniel is just as contemptible.

Yet as days pass in close quarters, Nathaniel’s feisty spirit and alluring innocence beguile and bewitch. The desire to teach Nathaniel the pleasure men can share grows uncontrollable. What’s the harm in satisfaction?

Hawk would never feel anything for him…

Nathaniel realizes the fearsome Sea Hawk’s reputation is largely invented. He sees the lonely man beneath the myth, willingly surrendering to his captor body and soul. As a pirate’s prisoner, he is finally free to be his true self. With danger mounting, the time for Hawk to relinquish his prize looms. Will his greatest battle be with his own heart?

Helen’s thoughts: 4/5

An enjoyable enemies to lovers, age gap, historical MM Romance with a wonderful backdrop of life on sea.

Nathaniel is a naive young man, struggling with self esteem issues and often belittled by his father who blames him for his wife’s death. Emigrating to the new world and marrying his assigned bride is the last thing Nathaniel wants to do, when his inclinations lie elsewhere, even if it makes him a sinner. He wishes for adventure, and a chance to live. Sometimes wishes can bring more than you expect.

Hawk, is a larger than life pirate captain, who can’t believe his luck when the son of the man who ruined his life falls into his hand like a ripe plum. Eager for vengeance, he holds Nathaniel for ransom, and threatens to kill him if the ransom isn’t paid.

As time passes, they both realise there is more to the other and barriers are dropped as Nathaniel finally has the chance to explore his desires, and he realises Hawk’s reputation is only a facade, all theatre, as he discovers how Hawk became a pirate. Hawk begins to regret his rash threat to kill Nathaniel as his crew become more disatisfied at the wait for the ransom money.

A well-written ‘breeches-ripper’, with plenty of adventure, twists and turns, and memorable characters to enjoy, and the obligatory HEA of course.

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