Book Review: Lost Isles by Emmi Lawrence

Reviewed: March 25th, 2021
Release Date: March 8th, 2021

When cartographer Edwin Vlaris is tossed off the ship, The Torrent, he’s left to die with just his wits, his skills and his companion, Ben Keel, a hard and handsome sailor with an incredible power of his own.They find themselves fighting for survival on the Giant’s Whip Isles, previously thought to be nothing but myth. Yet there are secrets lost within these isles—secrets of beasts and birds, both wondrous and dangerous, and of a mystical current that can be bent to human will. A current that could make any ship an unstoppable force across the entire Serene Ocean. However, they are not the only ones seeking out the current. 

This fantasy novel is a treasure trove of lyrical descriptions, engaging characters, fantastical beasts and the overwhelming power of nature, which some can control, and others not so well!

The descriptions are beautiful and emotive, leveraging the imagery, scents and sensations of the sea and a tropical island chain. All very cleverly woven into a vibrant and entertaining story.

Edwin Vlaris is a cartographer, hired onto The Torrent to navigate the rough and belligerent crew to a lost isle to find treasures out of this world. Except on the way he is tossed overboard with nothing but a skiff and his wits to keep him alive. Fortunately he is accompanied by Ben, who has a magical power of his own which enables him to control the wind, and drive their skiff to dry land. Only the island they find themselves on will test both of them, and Edwin will need to doing deep to find the strength at his core.

Against the backdrop of the rough and uncouth sailers, the betrayal and unexpected relationships, an adventure story in a magical world gradually evolves. The power of nature in the wrong hands can wreak havoc, and if they are going to survive long enough to escape from the deserted island, Edwin is going to have to find a way to gain the respect of those who wanted him dead. If he wants to stay alive, he and Ben will have to work together, and although he finds Ben attractive, he’s not sure how far he can trust him.

Edwin’s journey to understand who is he and what he stands for is woven seamlessly into a swashbuckling adventure set in a vibrant ad magical world.

Excellent novel. Immerse yourself in Lawrence’s wonderful world. You won’t regret it. Fortunately this is the first book in the The Ocean’s Aviary series, and I can’t wait to meet Edwin and Ben again in the next book.

About the Author:

Emmi Lawrence is an MM fantasy romance author who loves reading, writing and video games and tends to avoid cooking whenever possible. She also suffers from an unhealthy obsession for a specific reality show where the contestants eat a lot of rice. She lives in Maryland with her family.

You can find her on her website or on twitter.

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