Book Review: Messenger by A. L. Morrow

Reviewed: April 1st, 2023
Released: March 31st, 2023
Genre: MM fantasy

Hell on Earth? Not if these angels can help it.

Nothing has been the same for Messenger angel Cyrus since Jace was exiled from the celestial community. Night after night, he searches Sin City for the demon who might have the answers he needs to find his lost love. But his quest hasn’t gone unnoticed. Dark forces reach Cyrus first, and a brutal encounter with his enemy leaves him at the mercy of the ruthless warrior who once broke his heart.

Believing Cyrus has been killed, Jace returns to Sin City with a death wish and one thought in mind: vengeance. Instead, he finds Cyrus alive and the unsuspecting center of a plot that will change Sin City—for the worse—forever.

Time has never been a friend to Jace and Cyrus, but now the clock is ticking faster than ever. With the fate of the city on the line, they’ll need to choose between saving each other or saving their souls.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

A great sequel to Watcher, the first book in this Romeo and Juliet retelling with a celestial MM twist.

Jace and Cyrus are wonderful characters torn apart by the riots between humans and angels destroying the peace of the city. Neither is coping well without the other.

Jace, a Watcher, from a line of reviled angels who first caused the problems between mortals and angels is banished form Las Vegas. Cyrus, a Messenger, one who is supposed to keep the Watchers in order, is to afraid to throw away all he has worked for and refuses to leave with Jace. A decision he comes to regret as he realises he can’t live without Jace.

The angelic world of celestials, from Emissiary’s to Watchers, Messengers and demons is very well created. The interplay between the races keeps the animosity bubbling, and sadly Cyrus’s ex-lover Xavier is always there to stir the pot.

Xavier wants Cyrus back, and will go to any lengths to get him. Only, Cyrus doesn’t realise how far until it is too late.

It was lovely to see Kai and Byron again, if ony briefly. I loved their story in Emisssiary, which was part of the USA Today bestselling Realm of Darkness boxset, but can now be purchased separately as an ebook.

Enjoyed the story, the characters and their relationship. I wish the finale was more, bigger, better. If I was to nit pick, I think Morrow could have made more of it, and it was a missed opportunity to really wow us. I don’t want to give spoilers, so I’ll leave it there. But all in all a great sequel.

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