Book Review: On the Edge by M.J. Glenn

Reviewed: August 21st, 2021
Released: December 1st, 2020
Genre: Children/YA Fantasy

For two years, Ebony Wick has survived alone as an outlaw and highwaywoman in Rundlewood Forest. She doesn’t need people. She only needs to survive. But when Hunter Sparrow breaks into her camp and invites her to join his gang, the Bounty Hunters, she finds herself facing a difficult choice.

With a burning desire for revenge against a powerful enemy, Ebony must choose between reason and instinct. But in doing so, she discovers a long-hidden secret that will change her world forever

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

A very well written YA fantasy adventure with plenty of action and a strong female heroine.

Glenn’s world is wonderfully developed, so well that it is easy to imagine and immerse yourself within it. It’s like you are reading a fairytale, darker at times, but with that fae vibe, with ancient forests and medieval dwellings.

Ebony Wick is a young and feisty heroine. Orphaned at a young age, she has learnt to survive on her own. She is determined to live on her own, and is quite capable of surviving. But a taste of company, when Hunter turns up trying to persuade her to join his group of bounty hunters, makes her realise that surviving may not be enough.

Tricked into following Hunter to his camp, Ebony soon learns that being part of a team is very different to living in your own. The question is, can she balance her needs against the others, and is she prepared to try? Maybe achieving her revenge would be easier with a little bit of help.

An enjoyable, easy read. Enough tantalising clues to keep you guessing as to who Ebony really is, and whether becoming a bounty hunter is the right decision.

About the Author:

Maddy has a degree in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Reading and is a member of the Society of Young Publishers. A passionate advocate for self-publishing, she is much in demand as a speaker and her debut novel, On the Edge, was published in 2020.

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