Book Review: Ranger of Kings by C.J.R Isely

Reviewed: January 29th, 2023
Released: March 1st, 2020
Genre: YA/Epic Fantasy

There are secrets more deadly than blades…and they are coming for him

Living as a lowly village boy, Will finds himself thrown into a world he could only dream of when he meets the mischievous son of an influential Lord and a calculating last heir of a powerful Count. Brought to Alamore castle, he can not believe his luck when he is invited to join his two new friends in training to become knights of the realm.

But training isn’t all the grandeur and chivalry he imagined.

There are dangers, secrets, and traitors lurking within the walls of Alamore and Will realizes more than fate brought him to the castle.

Now he must find answers – to save the Kingdom and to save himself.

But the person who might be able to help him is the one he fears most; the aloof cloaked figure known only as the Ranger of Kings…

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

Such an enjoyable medieval adventure. Isely has created a wonderful world filled with well rounded and distinct characters. William or Will is the main character, a common villager lucky enough to meet some squires who change the course of his life as he swept up in becoming a squire himself.

We follow his journey to the castle and his induction into the squires. At no time is his journey smooth and he and his new friends are soon neck deep in trouble. The relationships between the knights and the squires is well thought out and wonderfully developed. Sir Ross and Sir Rockwood are favourites and Isely has you rooting for them all. Colin and Rowan are lovable rogues, ideal to drag Will into all sorts of adventures.

The King’s Ranger is more aloof and withdrawn, a figure in the shadows, though Will can feel him watching him. There is more to the Ranger, Will is sure and so are we.

Secrets are revealed, betrayals even within the castle unravel, and Will’s life as a squire quickly deteriorates into one chaotic battle after another. There is plenty of action and political intrigue to keeep you hooked, though the charcters drive the plot.

A great story. There is no cliff hanger, but you will want to follow Will’s adventures into the second year. I know I will!

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