Book Review: Raven Song by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley

Reviewed: March 13th, 2022
Released: October 12th, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance

If your favorite rock star got drunk and crashed your favorite soap opera and ad-libbed all of his lines, you’d get something like Raven Song. “…a punk rock Lady and the Tramp…” – Goodreads Reviewer” If Hallmark had a hard-drinking, sweary, tatted-up rock star Disney princess, and clearly they should, it would be Raven Xerces.” – Goodreads Reviewer.

This is the story of a harried zoologist, a haunted rock star and the belt that ties them together. “Take my belt.” Stanzie Butler could not miss her flight. The most important trip of her career was on the line, and this rude, loud, unkempt hooligan was not going to ruin it with his dress code violation.

Raven Xerces, the notorious rock star with a tortured past, troubled present and uncertain future, seemed to be doing all he could to sabotage Stanzie’s flight. And like a bad penny, he just kept turning up. When Stanzie’s layover leads her to Raven once again, he tries to make amends, and Stanzie discovers that this obnoxious tabloid star isn’t at all what she expected.

Raven Song is a story for dreamers, believers, rockers and lovers. A girl-next-door meets bad boy rock n roll romance that’s sexy, fun and full of memorable characters, dark family secrets, colorful sidekicks, layered song lyrics, a talking raven, a clowder of cats, an endangered addax, a nest of sea turtles, a trip to the zoo, fine vintage guitars, a bottle of hair dye, some new tattoos, and a whole lot of rock n roll.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

From what begins as a turbulent meeting, and that was not just the flight! We find Stanzie and Raven facing off, and not because they are both obnoxious, but because they both hate flying!

Where you might think these two wonderfully rich characters are not meant for each other, you have to remember to look beneath the surface, because what you see on the outside is not alway the real person.

Raven is an amazing character. He lives hard and falls hard. All or nothing it seems, and yet he is a big softie underneath once you get past all the fuckety fucks!

I love the way Brasington uses a common place item like a belt to tie the two together. If it wasn’t for that belt they may never have found each other again.

Stanzie also has her demons to deal with, and I think that is where they connect. They both had traumatic childhoods, have vulnerable moments and at a deeper level they understand each other; the sex being amazing is just the bonus!

Beautifully written with real characters struggling with the complexities of life. The story glides by and you’ve finished before you realise it! Great story, you should go out and read it.

About the author:

Jennifer Brasington-Crowley is an author, illustrator and Slytherin. She is a little obsessive about things like music and animals, and can’t help but sneak miniature biology lessons into all of her books.

She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and children, dog and three cats.

Author of the Lyndsay and Lainey Lion children’s book series (, as well as contemporary fiction The Woman Who Fell to Earth, Dolphin Song, Dolphin Magic, Raven Song, BirdSong, Stillwaters and Cayman Island available for download from

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