Book Review: Reluctant Companion by H.L Day

Reviewed: January 5th, 2023
Released: May 2nd, 2022
Genre: MM Fantasy
Format: KU

Sebastian might have the power to summon animals, but winning Jack over? Far more difficult.

As first encounters go, Jack and Sebastian’s isn’t ideal, leaving Jack nursing a grudge he’s not about to let go of in a hurry. Yet, if Jack is to find his missing sister, and Sebastian is to rescue his captured prince, they’ll need to set their differences aside and work as a team.

Jack is stubborn and somewhat volatile. Sebastian is vain and clearly in love with himself. But as the unlikely companions face all manner of dangers together, they grow closer. Rescuing the prince should be easy. Rescuing him from an impenetrable tower guarded by dragon-shifting knights? Okay, that part is harder.

But once the adventure is over, letting Sebastian go might be the hardest thing Jack has ever had to do.

Helen’s thoughts: 4/5

An easy to read MM Fantasy with two charismatic lead characters you can’t help to love.

Jack may be a nobody from nowhere, but he has a fighting spirit which just won’t lay down for anyone, not even Sebastian, no matter how hard he tries.

Stealing from Jack to begin with may have put Sebastian on the back foot, but at least it got Jack to travel with him, and he is sure his dazzling personality will wear Jack down eventually.

Jack is searching for his sister who has inexplicably run away from home. Sebastian is off to rescue a handsome prince who he intends to marry. Two worthy quests for our prickly pair! I love the repartee and the fact Jack always has a response to Sebastian, no matter how outrageous he is. And there is something about Sebastian that doesn’t quite add up, there is a hint but little more, and we’ll have to wait for a later book to find out. Though I think that will be one more thing for Jack to explode over, and the longer Sebastian leaves it to ‘fess up, the harder it’s going to be.

A wonderful character led novel, which is fairly predictable, but enjoyable all the same.

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