Book Review: Shifter Battle by Molly Webb

Reviewed: November 1st 2022
Released: June 8th, 2022
Genre: Urban Fantasy (Novella)

My name is Thea, and I’m a monster hunter. Or a monster, depending on who you ask…

Someone is hunting the shifters of Hollowmore and I’m the only one that can stop the killing. My name is Thea: monster hunter, daughter of the most powerful Arcanshifter and, since leaving my clan, the ultimate outsider.

My only ally, Marcus, is even more of an outsider than me. If anyone learns he’s a dragon shifter, the tattered remains of his clan will be wiped out. The last thing he wants is to risk exposure by helping me. The last thing I want is trouble with dragons – or the distraction of his smoldering eyes.

But a young dragon shifter is one of the latest victims, so Marcus is involved whether he likes it or not. I guess we’re working together. This should be… interesting.

From the secret councils of the shifter clans to the slums of Goblin Town, I’ll turn over every rock in Hollowmore if I have to. Someone is killing my people.

And when I find them, I’m going to make them pay…

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

Shifting Battles in the second installment in the Thea Grove Vampire Hunter book series, though there are no vampires in this book! Something else is attacking clans indiscriminantly. The youngsters being attacked are fading fast, and before one of them dies, Thea has to figure out who is causing it.

A thoroughly enjoyable urban fantasy with a well develpoed magic system and range of clans. Glad to see Marcus is still in the frame, and Thea is slowly opening up to the idea of getting to know him better, their very slow burn romance is exquisite.

Much more heart ache and tears in this one, though Thea does improve some clan relations. Hero the magic cat is adorable, annike the best bestie ever, and I just loved how the younger generation shows the older generation that inter clan relationships doesn’t necessarily mean to the death.

Can’t wait for book three. This series just gets better and better.

I recieved a copy of this book from Hidden Gens and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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