Book Review: Spirelli Paranormal Investigations by Kate Baray

Reviewed: April 8th, 2021
Release Date: June 5th, 2015
Genre: Paranormal fantasy

A human investigator in a magical world…what could possibly go wrong?

Jack Spirelli, paranormal investigator, public debunker of supernatural frauds, and private fixer for the magic-using community has opened his doors.

Between exposing paranormal hoaxes and handling cases of a more magical nature, Jack’s juggling more business than he can handle. It’s past time to hire an assistant, another investigator, and some additional muscle – but maybe the dragon who just walked in and applied will do for now.

This volume contains three episodes, each of which is a complete stand-alone short story.

A brilliant paranormal adventure, in fact three in one!

If you love Jim Butcher or Benedict Jacka then you’ll love Kate Baray. Baray has created a wonderful character in Jack Spirelli, a human paranormal investigator and in Marin, the dragon shifter.

Between them they face out of this world threats from ghosts, dragons, witches, and whatever other magical creatures Baray can come up with or you can think of. Jack goes public with his investigation business, seeing as his junk shop isn’t making him much money. He hires Mari as his. sidekick, he ned her fighting abilities being a dragon and all. The relationship with the snarky dragon is great, and the partnership evolves over the these first three stories. (Note there are more, which is great!)

Strange people engage his services and three standalone stories about paranormal disturbances are an entertaining read. I thoroughly enjoyed the growing relationship between Jack and Marin, the complexities of the politics of the magical world and trouble Jack manages to get himself into. It’s a good job there are magical healers in his world as well, otherwise Jack would have been toast already!

Well written stories, each episode is a new case and further opportunity to enjoy the relationship between Jack and Marin. I listened to the Audible version narrated by Robert Scarlato, (I love his voice!). Great narration, great stories, what more could you want? I think I might just have to download episodes 4-6 as well!

About the Author:

Kate Baray writes page-turning urban fantasy with relatable characters. When Kate’s not tapping away at her keyboard or in deep contemplation of her next fanciful writing project, she’s sweeping up hairy dust bunnies and watching British mysteries.

Kate is from Austin, Texas (where many of her stories take place) but has recently migrated north to Boise, Idaho, where soup season (her favorite time of year) lasts more than two weeks.

She’s worked as an attorney, a dog trainer, and in various other positions, but writer is the hands-down winner. She’s thankful readers keep reading, so she can keep writing!

Kate’s series include Lost Library and Spirelli Paranormal Investigations. Under the pen name Cate Lawley, Kate (aka Cate!) writes Vegan Vamp Mysteries, Death Retired Mysteries, Fairmont Finds Canine Cozy Mysteries.

Find more information on her website:

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