Book Review: Spirit Legacy – E.E. Holmes

Reviewed: September 6th, 2020

The Gateway is open…”

These cryptic words wake college student Jess Ballard from a terrifying dream into an even more terrifying reality. Jess’ life has never been what anyone would call easy; doing damage control in the wake of your nomadic, alcoholic mother doesn’t exactly make for a storybook childhood.

But now her world has fallen apart just when it should be coming together: her mother gone—dead under mysterious circumstances; her life uprooted to stay with estranged relatives she’s never met, and there’s something odd about some of the people she’s been meeting at school:

They’re dead.

Spirit Legacy is book one of the Gateway trilogy. So exciting there there are more to read.

At first, when you pick up this series you may think it’s solely directed at YA audiences as it is set in a college scenario, but this book appeals to readers of all ages, you just have to embrace the possibility and away you go.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing is effortless, the storyline is unputdownable, and you are drawn into Jess’s world from the beginning. The characters are so well-drawn and realistic that the whole scenario is utterly encapsulating.

After her mother dies, Jess begins to see ghosts. We join her on her journey of trying to accept that her mother is gone, and yes, she sees ghosts. To discover why and what does it mean. If I was her roommate Tia, I sincerely hope I could cope with all the paranormal happenings as well as she does!

I like the fact that Jess is a rounded character, a touch rebellious and so gutsy in a terrifying situation. She is a heroine we can root for, and I can’t wait to see how she deals with all that is yet to come.

The plot keeps you guessing, and introduces new twists, and sets up book two perfectly. I can’t wait to finish book two Spirit Prophecy, in between all my own editing and proofreading.

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E.E. Holmes is the internationally best-selling author of the paranormal series, “The Gateway Trilogy”. Her novel “Spirit Legacy (The Gateway Trilogy Book 1)”, was named a first place category winner in both the Paranormal Awards and the Dante Rossetti Awards for Young Adult Fiction by Chanticleer Book Reviews and Media, and received a National Category Silver Medal in the 2015 IPPY Awards. For more information, please visit:

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