Book Review: The Antiheroes by Jacob Peppers

Reviewed: June 13th, 2021
Released: November 19th, 2020
Genre: Epic Fantasy

The world needed heroes…It got them instead.

A swordsman past his prime who has vowed to never wield a blade again.

A mage who’d rather throw fists than fireballs and thinks magic is for sissies.

An assassin who grows sick at the sight of blood.

And a man with a pet squirrel he believes to be an ancient god from long ago.

An evil has risen in the land, one that, if not dealt with, threatens to start a war which would include the gods themselves. To counter it, the realm must call on its greatest heroes, its most courageous adventurers. Unfortunately, those great heroes, those brave adventurers, are all busy—being dead mostly.

So it is left to Dannen Ateran, known in his youth as the Bloody Butcher but, more recently as the passed-out drunk at the table in the corner, to lead his companions against an army of the dead.

Helen’s thoughts:

An epic fantasy with a twist! Dannen Ateran is predominantly tired of fighting and has forsworn picking up a sword ever again, but that doesn’t stop him finding trouble, and lots of it. Mainly because a streak of honour and goodness runs though him, and he can’t stand by and watch an innocent suffer. He turns out ot be an unexpected champion of the gods for when all the heroes have already failed.

A fun read, at times laugh out loud as Dannen’s thoughts are as ribald as they are true. A well written book, with plenty of descriptive world building and mystical peoples that live within it. A couple of squeamish moments that made me go eugh, but as I said trouble and action follow wherever Dannen goes.

Dannen is a fully fleshed out character, and I enjoyed the interactions between Dannen and Fedder, and also with Clarissa. The other characters are not so well developed and we have yet to really understand what motivates Fedder, Mariana and Tesla. Each an interesting character but with their own issues and demons. The next book will no doubt tell us more.

This is the first book in an epic fantasy series, so don’t expect the story to be all wrapped up neatly because it won’t be! And don’t be fooled by there only being twelve chapters, they are loooong chapters!

 Overall an enjoyable read, and I will be looking out for next installment when it arrives.

About the Author:

Jacob Peppers lives in Armuchee, Georgia with his wife, two-year-old tornado named Gabriel, and three dogs. Mostly, he lives in the basement as his wife has a habit of “accidentally” locking him in.

Jacob is the author of the bestselling epic fantasy series, The Seven Virtues as well as The Nightfall Wars.

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