Book Review: The Coven’s Son by Preston Allen

Reviewed: October 5th, 2020

Just in time for Halloween, here is a review of a book all about witches and their coven. If you love witch’s brews and magical spells, then this is the book for you. The only difference here is that there is a firstborn son; the first in two hundred and fifty years, and this is important because only the first child born of a witch takes their magic from their mother when they are born, but usually they are girls.

Oak is a male witch, and the only one in his coven. Unfortunately, because his magic oozes out of him uncontrollably, he has to eat garlic to suppress it. He hates garlic, especially as the resulting stink of garlic also oozes from his pores, resulting in few friends and thoughtless bullying.

We join Oak on his journey to discover how to suppress his magic without eating garlic all the time, and what he finds out on the way changes his life.

This is a well-told story, narrated in the third person point of view, which means you are always seeing the action from the outside, being reported. I think this may the first time I’ve read a complete novel written in this way and although I prefer to get into people’s heads to experience how they feel, I must admit it made a refreshing change. This was an interesting view point and kudo’s to Preston for maintaining the point of view all the way through.

I thoroughly enjoyed Preston’s novel, a unique take on a witch’s coven and leaves a lot of scope for follow on books. He keeps the reader engaged throughout, and I must admit I sat and read it in one sitting, wanting to see what happened next.

This is not an overlong novel, coming in at 218 pages I believe, and I was left wanting more. The ending was not what I expected, and Preston could have made even more of it, I think, but he leaves us wanting more. I sincerely hope he has a second novel in the cauldron of creativity, because I for one would love to read it.

In this witching hour, I recommend you pick up The Coven’s son and have a magical read for Halloween.

You can find out more about Preston and purchase his book at his website

I received a free copy of The Coven’s son for an unbiased review.

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