Book Review: The Elf Tangent by Lindsay Buroker

Reviewed: July 23rd, 2022
Released: March 15th, 2022
Genre: Epic Fantasy / Romance Fantasy

As a princess in the impoverished kingdom of Delantria, it’s Aldari’s job to look pretty, speak little, and marry a prince.

Studying mathematics and writing papers on economic theory in an effort to fix her people’s financial woes? Her father has forbidden it. With war on the horizon, they must focus on the immediate threat.

Reluctantly, Aldari agrees to marry a prince in a neighboring kingdom to secure an alliance her people desperately need. All is going to plan until the handsome elven mercenary captain hired to guard her marriage caravan turns into her kidnapper. His people are in trouble, and he believes she has the knowledge to help.

But with an invasion force approaching Delantria, Aldari’s own people need her. She must do everything in her power to escape the elves and make it to her wedding in time.

Never mind that her kidnapper is witty, clever, and offers her a challenge that intrigues her mind even as his easy smile intrigues her heart…

Aldari can’t let herself develop feelings for him. To fall in love and walk away from her wedding would mean the end of her kingdom and everyone she cares about.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

A really good fantasy romance with plenty of engaging characters. An elven mercenary captain who is not all that he seems, and a very smart human princess who struggles to be treated equally.

If you like solving puzzles, then Aldari is the princess you need. Even though the elves kidnap her, she can’t resist a certain captain nor the appeal of solving elvish puzzles. I must admit Hawk is a very tempting prospect, especially when the alternative is an unseen Otrath Prince who won’t help protect her kingdom until Aldari marries him. Not the best setting for a happy marriage.

Maybe it is fortunate the elves kidnap her and save her from her fate, though Aldari is thrust into many more dangerous situations that may kill her, so the jury is out on that one.

If i was going to nitpick, then the ending wraps up a little fast, though I am glad the door is left open for a possible sequel. The world and the characters are too good to be left at only one book.

All in all a very enjoyable read.

About the author:

Lindsay is a full-time independent fantasy and science fiction author who loves travel, hiking, tennis, and vizslas. She’s written over sixty novels, appeared on the USA Today bestseller list, and has been twice nominated for a Goodreads Readers’ Choice Award.

She grew up in the Seattle area but has itchy feet and moves every couple of years. She’s currently living in Bend, Oregon, and working on the next book.

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