Book Review: The Last Dragonhealer by H.S.Skinner

Reviewed: March 13th, 2021
Release Date: February 5th, 2020

If you love romance set in a fantasy setting and lots of dragons then this is the book for you. In a world where dragons bond with their chosen partner, enjoy a lifelong connection of love and trust, and are telepathically linked forever, you would think it would be perfect.

Unfortunately, there are those who are jealous of this bond, and hunt dragons to torture and kill them. They want to wipe dragon kind and dragon lovers from the face of the world. There are no Dragon healers left, and the dragons are slowly dying.

Renny can hear the wounded dragon’s cries, but there is nothing she can do about it. Dragons are being hunted, attacked, tortured by those who hate dragons, aided by some of their own.

Determined to try and save those she can, and not sure who she can trust, she sets off to try and defend those dragons she can, driven by a need she doesn’t understand. Each time she arrives too late, and can only offer the dying dragons a final release. One that tears up her soul. Until finally, she finds the band of dragon haters and infiltrates them.

A wonderful story with rounded and engaging character and plenty of excitement. Renny is a tough, streetwise young woman, used to looking after herself. Allar is an honourable champion of dragons and a fierce warrior, used to protecting others. You can see the clash coming already, can’t you? The dragons are amazing, beautiful, thoughtful and integral characters in the story, you can’t help loving them. 

As they say opposites attract, and Allar knows as soon as he sees Renny, she’s his mate. Whether an orphan, used to only depending on herself for survival, can return that love is a lovely thread in the story, and who knew dragons were just as good at matchmaking! 

Well written, with plenty of action, suspense and romance to keep you turning the pages. Reminds me of the Dragons of Pern and Anne McCaffrey’s world. If you love dragons, and lovable characters then you’ll love this book.

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