Book Review: The Look of a King by Tom Dumbrell

Reviewed: May 25th, 2021
Release Date: March 7th, 2021
Genre: Fantasy

Cyrus is a storyteller frustrated by the mundane trappings of village life, while Prince Augustus struggles to meet high expectations after an upbringing of royal privilege in the bustling capital. 

As both try to forge their own paths, a royal assassination unexpectedly closes the gap between them. The nation of Easthaven is thrown into war with their oppressive neighbours, and so begins a conflict from which neither can walk away. 

Will a young prince finally measure up to his destiny? Will a storyteller create a legend of his own? 

Cyrus and Augustus’s lives may seem worlds apart, but perhaps they aren’t so different after all..

Helen’s thoughts:

Dumbrell has created a complex world full of warring nations and characters challenged by many flaws. At first sight, Augustus and Cyrus aren’t the type of character you are going to fall in love with instantly, but then that is because Dumbrell hasn’t held back on describing their challenges, or their inability to meet them. So begins quite a journey for both the main characters, one to understand and appreciate what being a king really means, and the other to discover he is not the fearful boy, or even the person he thought he was.  

Set against the backdrop of betrayal and greedy neighbouring warlords, it is not surprising that both the MC’s have to grow up fast and learn to cope with even more challenges, all the while learning more about themselves.

A well written, coming of age, character driven fantasy, with plenty of action and adventure, and a touch of awkward romance thrown in, giving plenty of room for misunderstandings! Dumbrell has created a wonderful world that will keep you entertained and asking for more.

This is the first installment of the Pillars of Peace series. Looking forward to the release of the next book in the series. Want to find out more about the author? Check out my author interview with Tom Dumbrell here.

About the Author:

Tom was born in 1987 in Chelmsford, Essex. As a boy, he fell in love with the fantasy worlds of video games and those written by the likes of J.R.R Tolkien and Philip Pullman.

Despite an early passion for storytelling, Tom obtained a BA in Tourism Management before a varied career in the travel industry, bringing to life another of his passions. When he is not working, Tom is an avid fan of his beloved Ipswich Town. He also writes and performs music and enjoys long walks with his wife and dogs.

Tom currently lives in Colchester, Essex, and The Look of a King is his first novel, written during the 2020 pandemic with huge influence and editing support from his wife, Breana.

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