Book Review: The McConnor Curse by M.J Padgett

Reviewed: April 15th, 2023
Released: October 26th, 2022
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audio book narrated by Kristen Saburn

Charlotte McConnor has all the luck of the Irish… until she doesn’t. When she agrees to marry Colin, her boyfriend of several months, things go downhill fast. The second the engagement ring slips on her finger, things get strange—and hot. As in, he burns her hometown to the ground every night in a sick game of cat and mouse.

Unbeknownst to Charlotte, she’s just met her sin-eater—the man cursed by her family to carry her sins to Hell and keep her cup of luck overflowing. Now he’s out for revenge, unless, of course, they can figure out a way to break the centuries-old curse that has enslaved them both.

Helen’s thoughts: 3.5/5

An interesting premise. Charlotte and Colin are trapped in a curse. Every day, Colin, her fiance, destroys her family town, and every night Charlotte kills him and resets the day to happen all over again.

Until, one day, when Charlotte fails to kill Colin, Colin suggests they work together to break the curse instead of repeating the awful day forever.

An enjoyable story with interesting characters. It is Charlotte and Colin’s original relationship, their feelings for each other that enables them to consider working together. I liked the history, the unravelling of how the curse came to be.

This is actually quite a short book, only four hours audio, so I wonder if some of my hesitance to rate the book is due to its length, and that some elements felt rushed or convenient and could have been more fleshed out.

I listened to the audio book. I would recommend you speed up the narration, else it seems too slow. Saburn does a good job with the narration, though the story does seem stilted on occasion.

I received a free audio copy.

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