Book Review: The Searching Songbird by E.P.Stavs

Reviewed: May 11th, 2021
Release Date: December 8th, 2020
Genre: YA Fantasy

“Your only fault was placing your trust in someone as unworthy as me.”

Lily Delaney is on a mission to save one of her sister Shendri. The only problem is she doesn’t actually know who she is. Or where she is, for that matter. All she has to go on is a vision she saw in her dreams. That, and the help of her celestial beast, Suzaku. Will determination be enough to save the unknown Shendri from harm? Or will Lily find herself in more trouble than she can handle?

Draven Grant gets things done. When the boss gives him a job to do, he does it, no questions asked. That is, until the boss tasks him with the unsavory job of stealing an innocent young woman away from her family. A job that becomes even more complicated when she decides to sail to another kingdom. Will he be able to maintain his professional indifference as they drift off to sea together? Or will the appeal of a certain, golden-haired passenger place him in an impossible situation?

Treachery, love, and dragons await as Lily and Draven wind their way through this heart-pounding, second installment of E.P. Stavs’ The Shendri Series.

Helen’s thoughts:

The Searching Songbird is a wonderful sequel to Stav’s first book, The Marked Princess. (See Book review here.) Although we don’t see much of Josselyn, the heroine from the first book, the sweet and gentle Lily more than makes up for it. 

Lily is a wonderful character, compassionate and trusting, with a love for music. Like all Stavs heroines we find there is a core of inner strength that helps overcome all obstacles, even if she believes she is weak. On her journey she meets Draven, the reluctant kidnapper, who turns out to be a more than acceptable love interest!

Travelling deep into the kingdom, battling pirates, monsters and Lily’s destiny, provides plenty of action and adventure to keep you hooked. Stav writes such in such an easy flowing style that you’ll find you have read this book more quickly than you thought. A really easy read, with engaging characters and a wonderful world with hints of magic, and much more to come.

A enjoyable sequel in her YA fantasy Shendri series. Can’t wait for the next book, and for Edmund to meet his match!

About the Author:

Erin Stavrides grew up in various parts of Upstate New York, where she became a regular at the public libraries, checking out book upon book upon book. Not even bedtime could stop her from reading, thanks to a handy flashlight kept close by. Erin married her husband, Michael, in the Fall of 2007, and the couple moved across country to Seattle, Washington soon after, where Erin worked as a maths teacher. When baby girl number one came along, however, she decided she’d had more than enough teaching to last a lifetime and decided to be a stay-at-home mom, instead. Five years and two daughters later, she finally found the time and motivation to follow through on her ultimate dream – writing books of her very own.

When she’s not reading, writing, or mom-ing, Erin enjoys taking long walks with her headphones on, playing video games with her husband , and taking that first sip of coffee in the morning. So good.

You can find her on her Instagram or on twitter.

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