Book Review: The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank by Kelly Evans

Reviewed: February 2nd, 2021

What a wonderfully well written tale of gothic horror.

Nikola Tesla, the visionary genius, is lecturing in New York City when he falls for Victoria, the mysterious young woman he sees night after night in the front row. The woman intrigues him; her curiosity is as great as his own, and her interest is wide-ranging. But there’s something she’s hiding, a family secret so horrendous no one speaks of it. When Tesla finds out, he has a decision to make: listen to the inner voice warning him to stay away, or abandon his morality and help her with her own terrible science.

The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank is a short story, (Only 13 chapters) but does Evans pack in the detail and the action.

A very easy read, immersing you in the 1920’s and the world at that time. You will learn quite a bit about the scientist Nikolai Tesla as well. Not so well known as Edison, Tesla was also engaged in experimentation with electricity. He was quite eccentric, and eventually went mad. Evans did her homework and blends the facts into the story beautifully.

Tesla becomes mesmerized by a young woman attending his lectures, and as she battles the social norms of the time to become his assistant, we learn that Miss Frank has ambitions of her own. Definitely worth the read and a great introduction to Evans’ books.

Born in Canada of Scottish extraction, Kelly Evans graduated in History and English from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. After graduation, she moved to the UK where she worked in the financial sector. While in London Kelly continued her studies in history, focusing on Medieval England.

Kelly is now back in Ontario with her husband Max and two rescue cats. Her books include The Confessor’s Wife, The Northern Queen, The Mortecarni, and Revelation (all set in Medieval Europe), Elizabeth: Path to the Throne (Tudor England), and The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank (gothic novella).

The first of Kelly’s new children’s series, Gaby’s Ghosts, was released in October 2020. The second book will be available early in 2021.

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