Book Review: The Wrong Apocalypse by Philip J Dennis

Reviewed: March 23rd, 2022
Released: February 19th, 2021
Genre: Satirical horror

One moment we are spending time with friends, family, lovers. Then, before we knew it, the whole world went to hell and we find ourselves hiding indoors, scared for our lives over what is happening outside. It’s the Apocalypse. Not the apocalypse you’d have expected, no. We dare not go near the window for fear of being seen. We dare not go outside for fear of what will happen to us. Mindless, bumbling, soulless husks with vacant eyes wander the streets. No, not politicians. Zombies!As if that isn’t enough, we find ourselves hiding in the least likely place you’d expect to find yourself during a Zombie Apocalypse. Hush Now. A sex shop in the city centre. We have limited supplies. Instant noodles, tins of beans, packet of rice. But we have all the novelty candy underwear we can eat. We are not alone. There are others out there. Survivors like us. We have a plan. We were to meet up with friends in their restaurant. And that plan still stands. Somehow we will get out of this place. We will survive this!

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

I’m not usually a fan of horror books, but I was intrigued when I interviewed Indie author, Philip J Dennis, (you can find the Interview here,) and found there was much in common between us. Having read his book The Wrong Apocalypse I’m not sure what that says about me!

This book is a very entertaining and eye opening read. In the light of the recent pandemics, the scenario is scarily moving up the more plausible list

The most scary element is how people react, and how little desperate people value other’s lives. The sanctity of life seems to go out of the window even if you are in a place of reasonable safety, and as ever common sense seems to be the first thing that dribbles out of people’s brains.

I loved how Philip brought in the aspect of social media, and the pure stupidity of people trying to get their numbers up. How those who should act don’t and it’s left to a few to try and survive.

I thought it was interesting that we never get to know the main character’s name. It was quite clever as we can put ourselves in his shoes and believe that we are experiencing what he is experiencing. I wonder how hard it was to write without using his name?

You’ll get hooked, even though some of the character introductions slowed it down, but you will have to keep turning the page to find out what happens, rooting for some characters, rolling your eyes at others. There is some hard hitting content, alleviated by a nice balance of humour and the hint that there is always a future and it can be what you make it. Entertaining read.

About the author:

Philip J Dennis is a Liverpool author with several books released, including the …And All That’s In Between series.

He is an indie author, publishing through Amazon’s KDP platform and can be followed on twitter and Instagram under the username Philip_J_Dennis.

Books to date released are:

Isaac’s Fall

Harmony’s Choice

Faith’s Rise


Somewhere Else.

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