Book Review: Through the Door by T.L Brown

Reviewed: February 28th, 2022
Released: May 31st, 2021
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

In this second book of the Door to Door Paranormal Mystery Series: relationships tested, friendships built, secrets revealed, and sacrifices made…

Salesman Emily Swift is back – and so is Templeton! After learning about her supernatural abilities and finding the Crimson Stone, thirty-year-old Emily Swift returns home to Kincaid to rebuild a normal life with her boyfriend. As she struggles to get a handle on her “door traveling” energy, a strange warning squawks from her car radio: a rogue, terrorist group called the Fringe is still watching her.

Before she can figure out if the message is from a friend or foe, Emily’s quirky mother, Lydia, goes missing – and resurfaces in the Empire! As Lydia travels from city to city in this peculiar world, a wake of chaos is created. Add the murder of a hated art critic and a kidnapping into the mix, and things go from bad to worse. The Fringe believes Emily knows where the magical Crimson Stone is hidden, and they’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

Friends Tara and Rabbit join Emily as they race against the Fringe to catch up with Emily’s wandering mother. Will Emily’s nemesis, the mysterious Templeton, join her in rescuing Lydia? What will it cost her? Is the price too high?

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

Emily Swift returns with old friends and new, and more problems to solve. This time her mother goes missing, and Emily has to trail after her trying to rescue her before the bad guys get hold of her.

We meet more Rabbits, and they are so resourceful and friendly, but you do NOT want to get on the wrong side of them!

Templeton pops in and out, just to antagonise Emily, I think, but there are also new enemies for Emily to deal with, and the stakes are increased.

This series is so entertaining, and the characters are so engaging that you can’t put it down. The touches of magic are so subtle, yet clever, and I just love Lucie and her creative spells! Emily is growing as a salesperson, giving us more heart stopping moments which cause new pressures on her home life. These stories are richly plotted keeping you engaged at all times.

And that epilogue!! I had my suspicions. I need to know what this means now. Thank goodness book three is published. You can find all three books on Kindle Unlimited!

About the author:

Tracy Brown is the author of the Door to Door Paranormal Mystery Series, three books penned under the name T.L. Brown. She is currently writing the first book in the Bellerose Witchline series, due out in early 2022.

Tracy was born in snowy Western New York where she developed a love of reading and writing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh in History – Political Science.

After college she moved to Rochester and began to create a story about an average thirty-year-old who was caught between two worlds: the known one and a new, often dangerous place known as the Empire. That character became Emily Swift.

Tracy now lives in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York dreaming up new stories and quirky characters that make life all the more interesting. She believes magic still exists, you just need to look in the right places.

She’s married to one damn amazing man. Together they garden, cook, and raise chickens that lay the best “homemade” eggs in various shades of brown.

Through the Door is available for purchase via Amazon

Link to book on Amazon UK: eBook | Paperback

Link to book on Amazon US: ebook | Paperback

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