Book Review: Trader’s Leap by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Reviewed: January 26th, 2021

Do you love Space Opera? Do you love book series? Well the Liaden Universe spans 23 books and many supporting chapbooks.

If you haven’t read them, then mark me jealous as I’ve read them all, and you get to read them for the first time.

Trader’s Leap is book 23, and if you haven’t read any of the Liaden Universe then I highly recommend you start with Partners in Necessity. A three book introduction to the main characters in the current storyline. (There are six books prior in the timeline that introduce their ancestors and their parents who are just as entertaining.)

But back to Trader’s Leap.

This book follows Accepting the Lance, where Shan yos’Galan’s daughter Padi, is determined to follow her dream of becoming a trader like her father by her 18th name day. Only her plans go awry as The Department of the Interior interrupt her life, and Plan B (Another great book) is put into effect. By Traders leap, Padi is not only behind on her plans, she is struggling to control her dramliza powers which she doesn’t want, and which are considerable. Her being her father’s daughter.

Shan is my favourite character, and as he is recovering from a near fatal attack in the previous book, which has weakened his own healing powers considerably, we get to see him ‘resting’, and actually trading. After all his Delm has instructed him to recoup the clan’s losses.

Overall, a great read and very entertaining. The relationship between Shan and Padi is lovely, as they switch between the melant’i of traders and father/daughter. This books does draw a few threads together and close them off, so again you may not appreciate all the nuances and reference to side characters without reading some of the earlier books. You have a treat in store for you.

A wonderful world, with complex characters and the complications of melant’i are an art form. Culture and your position within it defines your actions and the trouble you can get into is divine.

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