Book Review: Twice Upon A Name by Various Authors

Reviewed: March 29th, 2023
Released: April 20th, 2023
Genre: Fairytales

Double the name and double the magic, mystery, and mayhem

Once upon a time, a fairy tale name generator issued a challenge to a group of authors. Volume Two of these quirky stories brings double trouble.

In this clean YA anthology, spy on thieves discovering their princely identities, accompany villains seeking redemption along with accident-prone geese, and rejoice in the reunion of siblings separated at birth. Side with twins split between good and evil, giggle over mistaken identities, and discover the secrets of royal doppelgängers. When fates are intertwined by a namesake, mayhem and mischief are sure to follow.

Venture into this collection of adventurous stories by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and see if what happens once . . . happens twice!

Pssst…some characters from Once Upon A Name might make a comeback, but the two sets and all stories in them can be read as standalones.

All proceeds donated to charity in support of reading and literacy.

Helen’s thoughts: 5/5

I was fortunate to recieve an ARC copy of this wonderful collection of short stories which is an ideal opportunity to find some new fantasy authors, all while supporting a a great charity. Preorder your copy today for only 99c. Here are my thoughts on a few of the stories.

The Lies of Lady Roseberry by Alice Ivinya

A beautifully written tale of deception and the resulting chaos it causes. Rosie has broken the engagement between the heir to the throne and his beloved and is about to be executed for treason. Only not all is as it seems, and the ramifications of her actions has much more far reaching consequences than she ever imagined. A interesting look at the morals of those who believe they above the law and what truly matters.

To find a Queen by Sky Sommers
A wonderful tale with a snarky dark elf who just makes you laugh as he bumbles about making a hash of everything. Sky’s sense of humour-threads its way through this humourous tale as Nefarious struggles to find the Queen he is supposed to prevent meeting a dragon. You can’t help but chuckle as Nefarious find himself in such precarious situations, all flowing so smoothly from Sky’s pen.

Bekah Berge A Feast of Wills
A sweet fairytale of witches revenge. I loved the tale of two witches, once great friends and now suspicious of each other, and the slow escalation of accusations against each other. As they prepare a feast they accuse each other of betrayal and worse, each trying to outwit the other. This tale was so easy to read and is much too short!

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