Book Review: Untitled – Wendy Bayne

Untitled. Crimes Against the Crown

Reviewed: October 17th, 2020

I started reading Untitled the debut novel of Canadian author Wendy Bayne as part of a group read on twitter, and it was such fun to read along with others and make new friends.

Set in 1827 England, Untitled follows the exploits of young Lissa Hughes and Miles Johnson as they both discover truths about their pasts previously hidden. From their first meeting, they find themselves embroiled in striving to bring down a consortium of smugglers with the aid of family and friends that brings them all to the attention of Britain’s master of spies. As they journey between Paris and London, they become deeper embroiled in this effort to protect the nation and between the lies, secrets, near-death experiences and a pitched battle, Miles seeks to claim what is rightfully his: the title of viscount.

This is a cracking book. A unique take on a regency spy thriller full of unexpected plot turns and twists, smashing characters, and strong female leads bucking the trends of the times.

The story takes us from the depths of the English countryside to the beau monde of London and across the waters to the continent. It is a gripping story that will introduce you to life in the regency period and an insight into the way of life at the time, and how some women managed to circumvent the strict rules. From the Dowager Countess Aunt Mary (think Downton!) to Lissa herself, we follow their journey of self-discovery and experience their intelligent wit.

The central theme to the story is family and Lissa’s struggles to fit in and make a difference, whilst at the same time, this unique family navigates their way through the murky subterfuge of the Haute tonne as well as spying on behalf of the British government.

This book is well worth the read, and I highly recommend it. The story never slackens, there are so many secrets to discover, places to visit, plot twists to trip over and characters to fall in love with that you won’t be able to put it down.

In full transparency there were some spelling/grammar errors, which unfortunately covid and access to proofreaders impacted and are out of the authors hands, but even so, this is still a very enjoyable read.

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