Book Review: Whisper of Darkness by Kristen Braddock

Reviewed: May 7th, 2021
Release Date: May 7th, 2021

Cara Winters is cursed.

Loss has haunted her through life. A fun night out with her sister ends in disaster when she learns she’s a banshee. With a chance encounter and life debt owed, she’s coerced into a deadly competition in the far realm. To survive she finds an unlikely ally in Killian, a mysterious and prickly dark fae. 

The only way to win and get back to Earth is using her powers, but doing so may unravel her to the point of no return.

Perfect for fans of fated mates, enemies to lovers, complicated & diverse characters, slow burn romance, and celtic folklore.

10% of author profits will be donated to Foundations for Divergent Minds Organization

Helen’s thoughts:

This novel was straight in with the action. Cara is dragged from the human world into the fae realm and pitched into an impossible situation from the beginning. She has no idea that she has magic let alone what her magic actually is, nor does she really find out much more except that death hounds her every step, which is daunting for anyone. Braddock creates a world of dreary acceptance where the all powerful king rules over all and is worshipped by his people, and yet there is that lingering question as to whether all is alright in the world.

Shay, the fae who dragged her into the fae realm, remains aloof and unexplained. Killian the dark fae who inexplicably helps her in the competition, is revealed to be a tortured spirit who may not be as bad as he seems. Cara has an affinity with his darkness, and believes she has found a friend.

This is a really engrossing story with characters who grow on you. I love Cara who although struggles with her own demons remains true to herself and her love for her family and friends. There is a goodness that runs deep in her and can’t be extinguished no matter what is thrown at her. 

Both Shay and Killian are complex characters which you have to discover for yourself, and I can’t decide which I want Cara to end up with! Though I am glad to say we have a long way to go before I think we’ll find out!

This was a thoroughly gripping read, which ratcheted up the tension as the book progressed, and you won’t want to put it down, because you want to know what will happen to Cara, Killian and Shay. I can’t wait for the next book, and we can find out what it is in store for these wonderful characters. A great story with engaging characters, I highly recommend you read it!

I was fortunate enough read an ARC, and I am so glad I did!

About the Author:

Characters and their worlds have inundated Kristen’s mind since she was a kid. Traveling to far off places and having words on a piece of paper transform into entire scenes pulling at her emotions is an obsession.

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