Book Review: Wicked Hunt by SK Alexander

Reviewed: April 10th, 2023
Released: June 25th, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Crime Thriller

A vicious sniper on the loose in Los Angeles. A grief-stricken empath. A ticking clock…

For Nathaniel Colt, Los Angeles is not the City of Angels. For the empath, LA is hell. A quick visit turns into a nightmare when the former special agent becomes embroiled in the hunt for a ruthless sniper terrorizing the city.

When the lurking evil puts the profiler and those closest to him in his crosshairs, a race against time begins and the consultant must rely on his psychic abilities before their time runs out.

Can Nathaniel save those close to him or will LA, once again, prove that it is hell on Earth for the empath?

Helen’s thoughts: 4/5

Nathaniel Colt is an empath, but few know or believe what he can do. The problem is, using his pyschic skills causes him headaches, nausea and worse, so he tries to isolate himself from other people to protect himself.

When a friend from his law enforcement days asks his for his help, he finds it difficult to refuse. Being out of practice controlling his shields and filtering emotions, he is confronted by an old friend from the past, who has very strong emotions. She hates him.

Nate comes across as a good guy, struggling with something from his past, though we don’t know what he did. Whatever it was does calls his ethics into question as we plunge into a police investigation of a serial killer. His dog Jackson, is adorable and very protective and I would say a good judge of character.

An enjoyable quick read, with well developed characters who pull you into the investigation and don’t let you leave. Although the case is solved in this book, there are many open questions about Nate hinself that need answering. Looking forward to the next book where I hope we find a few more answers.

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