Sustainability Matters

I have always had a love of trees. Walking through forests, copses, elm trees lining a road, Pine firs bordering a moor, the horse chestnut tree in my backgarden, a single oak tree in all it magnificent glory!

With my Sentinal series books being based around a magical sentinal tree which protected the Lady’s guards for thousand of years, it seems only right that these books should should also protect and give back to the environment.

Buy a book and contribute to planting a tree.

From April 1st, 2023, for every fee based book I sell, ebook or print, I will donate 20p to plant a tree. In the UK it takes £5.00 to plant a tree. So for every 25 books I sell, I plant one tree.

Every month, I’ll update this page with the number of trees we’ll have planted together.

Join me in saving our forests, and help to plant more trees.

Running total since April 1, 2023:

Donations: £60.00 + Gift Aid : £15.00 + Donation match £60 Total= £135

Trees planted: 27