Book Review: The Apprentice Storyteller – Astrid V.J

Reviewed: February 16th, 2021
Release Date: December 10th, 2020

The Alchemist meets fantasy with a splash of space opera. Viola Alerion, a renowned storyteller in the Haldrian Empire, wants to be left in peace. For years, she’s been hounded by her past, never to find a moment’s rest. Then she meets a boy who wants to become her apprentice. He refuses to take no for an answer, and she reluctantly yields, even though she knows taking him with her could endanger his life.

An enjoyable read with some very intriguing characters to whom you become quite attached. Once you get used to the way it is written the story flows seamlessly and you are drawn into their world of fear and survival.

Viola is a world renown story teller who is on the run from someone, always looking over her shoulder, always alone and always on the move. That is until she meets a young boy, who she can’t ignore. He is a waif, living on the streets and although to begin with he is just camouflage, she gradually becomes more interested in helping him reach his full potential. In return the boy helps her understand she does have some control over her life.

As they run, both have secrets they are hiding, and Astrid gradually reveals more about both characters through some uplifting conversations we could all take to heart, and some wonderful tales they tell. A well written novel, that I am relieved to see is not a one off. I am glad this is the first in the series as I want to know what happens to Viola and Jo, and to discover who they truly are.

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