Writing Challenge- Day Four #TurvyTruthOrDare

Join the Sentinals as they navigate their way through a new writing challenge! Back to the dares!!

Admit embarrasing crush OR Swap two characters roles.

I thought it might be time for King Benedict to get in on the act, though he may regret agreeing as he is swapping places with Tagerill! This may get a bit complicated, but Tagerill is the king and Benedict is Tagerill!!

Join the Sentinals (and King Benedict) as they navigate their way through a new writing challenge!

It’s another Turvy-inspired #WritingChallenge! This time the stakes are raised: #TurvyTruthOrDare! AND this time it’s an easy-peasy 7-day mini challenge. So they say!!

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The #TurvyTruthOrDare runs April 1–7 and is hosted by:
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#Writers, whether your characters are in a published book or percolating in your WIP, this challenge is for YOU!

Day Four

“Does his brain run this fast all the time?” Benedict muttered as he sat trying to read a book. He looked up as Birlerion peered around the door of the common room and then entered.

“Why are you trying to read, Tage? You know your brain is not made for reading.”

“Ah, that explains it,” Benedict replied tossing the book aside. He rubbed his temples, no wonder it was giving him a headache. “What is my brain made for?”

“Trouble usually, though the king asks that we rein it in a bit; he wants to keep us mysterious and intimidating.”

“How boring,” Benedict replied and then clapped his hand over his mouth. Tagerill truly did speak before thinking.

Birlerion sighed and stared across the room. “I know. I was hoping we could try and, you know, make a new home somewhere.”

Benedict’s gut lurched. He hadn’t thought of that. A rush of longing for Greens swirled through him. “Greens is home, we don’t need a new one,” he said.

Twisting his lips, Birlerion shook his head, “Not really, not anymore.”

Before Benedict could reply another Sentinal poked his head through the door. “Birlerion? Tagerill? You’ve been summoned by the king.”

Benedict staggered as he picked up Tagerill’s broadsword. Dear Lady, they were heavy! How did they even walk let alone fight with these things? He trailed Birlerion through the corridors until they arrived at the king’s study and drew to a halt in front of the desk.

The king slouched in his chair, his hands stuffed in his pockets.  As he watched them enter, a wicked smile passed over his face. “I’ve decided to give the Sentinals a pay rise,” he said.

Birlerion choked. “Do we get paid? Your Majesty?”

“If you didn’t, you do now.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Birlerion, I am promoting you to Commander of the King’s Rangers. Serillion always said you were the best of us…er…best of them.”

Birlerion blanched. “What? I mean … um… Your Majesty, please reconsider. Commander Nikols is an exemplary leader; you have no need to replace him.”

The king waved his hand in the air. “It’s done. And you …” his eyes gleamed as he pointed at Benedict, “Tagerill, will do cartwheels through the market square.”

Tagerill grinned. “Of course, Your Majesty.” And then he spluttered as Benedict quailed at the thought.

“But, Your Majesty! Only yesterday, you asked us to be more restrained. This would not do our reputation much good,” Birlerion protested.

“I changed my mind! Kings do that, you know.” He frowned. “Where’s Serillion? I have plans for him too. He’s gonna love this!”

“Um, Your Majesty? Are you feeling quite well?” Birlerion asked with some hesitation.

Benedict tilted his head. Birlerion had guts that was sure. It hadn’t even passed through Tagerill’s mind to question the king’s sanity. Benedict thought he ought to say something, but he didn’t know what. His mind was full of images of him cartwheeling through the market, he shuddered as the suggestion of doing it naked passed through his brain. He clamped down on that thought, that was a hard no. He jerked as Birlerion elbowed him in the ribs. That hurt!

Benedict glanced up and found the king staring at him with a sympathetic yet gleeful smile. “This is fun, isn’t it?” the king asked.

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