Writing Challenge- Day Six #TurvyTruthOrDare

Join the Sentinals as they navigate their way through a new writing challenge! Back to the dares!!

Admit kissing someone not your partner OR make a prank phone call

It’s another Turvy-inspired #WritingChallenge! This time the stakes are raised: #TurvyTruthOrDare! AND this time it’s an easy-peasy 7-day mini challenge. So they say!!

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#Writers, whether your characters are in a published book or percolating in your WIP, this challenge is for YOU!

Day Six

Time for the Arifels to joins in!! Make a prank call, or in this case, send an Arifel with a prank message!!

The Sentinal series

Birlerion peered around the door, and finding the room empty, he slipped inside and silently shut it behind him. Calling the little Arifel, he moved over to the window and stared out over the formal palace gardens.

They were nothing like Leyandrii’s. Her rose arbors had been beautiful; a riot of colour no matter the season.

He smiled as Ari, the little Arifel, arrived and perched on his open hand, wrapping his scaly tail around Birlerion’s wrist to balance.

“I need your help,” Birlerion murmured to the kitten like creature.

Ari cocked his head and cheeped. His green eyes grew larger as he stared at Birlerion.

“I know, but Tagerill has it coming after the scaring me like that. How he got the king to agree …” Birlerion closed his eyes. He had jabbed the king in the ribs. Lady kill him now! He stiffened. “It’s his turn to be on the receiving end.”

Ari sent a suggestion, and Birlerion chuckled as it materialised in his mind. An image of Tagerill working in the kitchens.

“No, he’d enjoy that too much! We need something that will make him uncomfortable, that he’ll take seriously.”

Ari sighed.

“I thought you could tell him Leyandrii will be arriving in Old Vespers at the temple, and she is expecting him to be her escort. He needs to be on duty at dawn, in full ceremonial uniform.” Birlerion swore that Ari smiled. He rose, flapping his wings and then settled again. “Yes, very formal. Leyandrii is expecting him, but it is very hush, hush. He’s not to tell anyone.” Birlerion grinned. None of them had worn full ceremonial uniform since they had awoken. He could just see Tagerill trying to polish and prepare everything without anyone seeing him. With a wicked grin he sent Ari on his errand.


Tagerill was surprised when Ari dropped onto the table in front of him. Surprised because he was seated in the dining hall, surrounded by off duty palace guards. The little Arifel bombarded him with images and he stiffened. “Leyandrii? When?” he gasped out loud and the guards eyed him a little suspiciously.

Ari scolded him and he clapped his hand over his mouth. The guards edged away from him and continued with their conversation.

“Why me?” he whispered. Ari chittered and Tagerill preened. He was one of her first Sentinals. Ari shared a few more images and Tagerill spluttered. “Full ceremonial dress?” He didn’t have a full ceremonial dress. He ignored the side glances he was receiving, another rumour about Sentinals talking to themselves no doubt beginning. From their reactions he had no doubt Ari was only visible to him.

Abandoning his lunch, he hurried out of the hall, racking his brain for where he would find a white shirt with ruffles, velvet jacket and pantaloons, and buckled shoes on such short notice.


At every opportunity Birlerion sent a Sentinal or a ranger, or a palace servant to interrupt Tagerill. They returned with wide grins and reports of Tagerill trying to conceal whatever he was working on and getting more and more frustrated by the interruptions. Ari reported Tagerill had a tailor hidden in his rooms, with pins and patterns and swathes of material and Birlerion couldn’t stop laughing. Tagerill hated all forms of dress clothes.

Serillion, discovering Birlerion in paroxysms of laughter, demanded to know what was going, and Birlerion gave up the attempt, leaving Ari to tell him.

“How did you get Ari agree?’ Serillion asked, his eyebrows nearly in his hairline. “I’ll never believe a word he says to me again.”

Birlerion choked down his laughter. “Tagerill had it coming. He called Ari a flaky, fluff ball. Ari took offence.”

Serillion grinned. “Do not offend the Arifels. Noted.” He stroked Ari’s white chest, and then scratched his ears as he nudged Serillion’s hand. “You really think Tagerill is going present himself at the temple at dawn?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t he?”

“Well, the fact that Leyandrii is unable to cross the Veil for one.”

“Tage won’t think of that,” Birlerion replied, unable to keep the smile off his face.

Serillion shook his head. “I hope you know what you’re doing. He is going to be so mad at you. And disappointed.”

Birlerion’s smile faded and then he shrugged. “Teach him to keep secrets from us, won’t it? If he’d told you, you would have set him straight.”

“Well, I would have tried to, but I can’t now, can I? You’ve made me an accomplice.”

To be continued…

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